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Cricket Blogs

Action Art Cricket

Bored Cricket Crazy Indians

Thoughts from the Dustbin

Personal Blogs

Avada Kedavra – Stung by the splendor of a Crazy Thought

Annie – Ice Maiden

Andhari – Insomniac Lolita

An Ordinary Girl – My Thoughts, my feelings, my dreams

Ajay – Until You came

Bikramjit – Me and My Random Thoughts

Blunt Edges

Cheryl – oh god, I need a Starbucks Break

Comfortablynam – Sands of times

Dido – Profoundly Ignorant

Di – And that’s what its all about

Destination Infinity

Hary – Cartoonists

Insignia – B Log

Kanagu – Straight Drive

Mademoiselle Deva – Always Carried Away

MKL – My Kafkaesque life

Neha – Neha’s Blog

Najwa – Days in life of a Pakistani Girl

Nu – Scribbler Utters

Psych Blabber – Over Cups of Coffe

Perfect Isolation

Preeti – The Other Side of Life

Raj Lakshmi – Destiny’s Child

Rennie – Reenie’s Scribbles

Swaram – The song of Life

Shanu – Fullon Bakwaas

Sourav – in love with me and life…

Sid – Sid-O-Scope

Shilpa Garg – A Rose is a rose is a rose

Staci – Just Bloggled

Titaxy – Memories and Mirages

Tanishka – Expressions

Uma – UmaS Reflections

Vimu – V-Lokam

The Writers

Chatter Box – The Dialogue

Karthik – Eloquence Redefined

Kay – Loud Silence

Guria – Maverick Misfit

Scribbler – My Personal Journal

Book Blogs

Bond with the Books

Book Chick City

Mighty Pens

Fashion Blogs –

French Leave

High Heel Confidential

Red Carpet Fashion Awards

The Sartorialist


1000 Awesome Things

Paulo Coelho’s Blog

Jeffery Archer’s Blog

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