17 in 2017

This year got off to a busy and a rocking start. We went on a road trip to Kerala in the beginning of the year and then followed the exam frenzy. Now, things seem to have finally calmed down and I can finally create this list of resolutions goals for this year. After mulling over the 70 odd goals I have haphazardly jotted down in the journal I started this year, I have come down to 17 things that I definitely want hope to accomplish.

  • Read 52 Books
  • Watch 60 Movies
  • Learn to Drive
  • Write 60 Blog Posts
  • Lose Weight and Become Fit
  • Learn Swimming
  • Get Second Ear Piercing
  • Join Zumba Class
  • Learn Guitar
  • Travel to Three Different Countries and Indian States
  • Launch Our Travel Blog
  • Learn Baking
  • Get Scuba Diving Certification
  • Go to a Photography Class
  • Get Colony Animal Care Taker Card
  • Learn to Drape a Saree
  • Go on a Wildlife Safari

PS – I am posting this list after a month in draft so I guess laziness won again *sigh*.

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  1. That’s a diverse and interesting list of things to do in 2017! Good luck Harini in achieving all these. Photography and zumba classes, watching movies and reading books (125 is my goal), lose weight would be on my list too.

  2. yay to blogging. I have missed your posts so much. Hope to see you blogging regularly again. Also please start your travel blog. I am yet to learn saree draping too 🙁 I am watching movies again this year – almost like 1 or 2 every week. Good luck for all these goals.

  3. Wow you seem to have noted quite a variety there. I could actually pick some from yours to add to my list. Good luck

  4. Good List! And the best part is you have a good chunk of the year left to get them.. so buckle up & have loads of fun 🙂

  5. That’s a big list ! But interesting .
    Zumba class and baking ! Wow

  6. Can I just say I am so excited for the travel blog? GIMMEIT SOON!

  7. Some fab goals there, Harini. I hope you are having a great time ticking them off 🙂

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