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I know it’s been really really long since I blogged. The whole of last week I spent reading the Twilight series for a zillionth time. That’s when I remembered the survey one of my friends had mailed me long time ago (saying must reply), so I decided to answer that survey after a year.

1) Have you read twilight?


2) Are you a fan?

A big Yes.

3) Have you read it multiple times?

Yes. I read the whole series again just 2 days ago.

4) Did you buy your copy off the street or from a bookstore?



I came across these Twilight pick up lines in Facebook. I thought few of them are funny, so I am posting them here.

Edward Cullen’s pick up lines –

I have a private island. Wanna see it?

“Pardon me Miss. I…uhh…hello? Dang it! She fainted again. Why can’t I stop dazzling people?”

Cullen. Edward Cullen. (Harini and just Harini :P)

Hi, I’m Edward. I can be the super hero or the bad guy.

I play the field. And it looks like I just hit a home run with you.

“I’m an addict. Will you be my heroin?”

“Have you been

Raining Books!


Its raining… finally the weather here is awesome. It’s just like I want it cold and romantic *sighs*. The only problem is that when ever I plan on going out it starts to rain and on top of it gets dark pretty early, so I am stuck at home the whole day. When I am home and have nothing to do the best way to spend time for me is reading a book while listening to your favorite music and that’s what I have been doing for the past few days. I have read 3 books and this blog is