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17 in 2017

This year got off to a busy and a rocking start. We went on a road trip to Kerala in the beginning of the year and then followed the exam frenzy. Now, things seem to have finally calmed down and I can finally create this list of resolutions goals for this year. After mulling over the 70 odd goals I have haphazardly jotted down in the journal I started this year, I have come down to 17 things that I definitely want hope to accomplish.

Read 52 Books Watch 60 Movies Learn to Drive Write 60 Blog Posts Lose Weight…

30 Before 30

I can’t believe that I am 27 years old now. If you ask me how old I feel right now, I would probably say 23. But according to the statistics I just turned 28.

Now that I am getting old(ish), I think it’s high time to kick a few things off my never ending bucket list. I decided to make a 30 Before 30 list because I know me, which means I know that I won’t get things done until I am given a deadline (hail the queen of procrastination people). I wish to complete the list before I am …

I know its May and this post is coming very late but, hey, better late than never right? And also I have just got back into blogging and all those posts I have been writing for past few months do need to get published right?

So anyway here are my 15 goals for 2015. Let’s see how many do I manage to kick off by the end of this year.

Reach My Ideal Weight Read Over 60 Books Watch Over 100 Movies Go on My First International Trip Donate Blood Save More Money Learn Swimming Learn Driving Get a Second…

Ever since I was a kid, I have been a day dreamer. I always dreamt of things I wanted, things I wanted to do or things I want others to do for me. I called it ‘my list’. Even though people say I am a grown up now, I am no different. I still have my list written in my diary which gets upgraded every now and then. The list doesn’t have a time line. Its just a list of things I hope to do in this life time.

Anyways, today I have decided to make my list public. Here

Good Bye 2009 and Welcome 2010.

2009 hasn’t been one of my best years. The worst part is the way I handled it. I could have done much better but instead I chose to sulk. At the end of the year, I did realize that being depressed isn’t my cup of tea. I am better off being happy and not worrying much and just enjoying life as it comes. So, this year I have decided to go back to the old me. 2009 hasn’t been all that bad. I did graduate this year (though none threw a party for me