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Few Days ago CB hosted a contest called ‘Finish It To Win It’. In this contest CB wrote the 1st half of the story and asked her readers to complete the rest. To be fair to all the readers the entries were anonymous and were judged with no bias… which according me to the best part of the whole contest. I also participated and here is my entry.

1  (CB’s Story)

Will and Rose weren’t the perfect couple, but the honesty they’d invested in their marriage made it so special. Like all of us, they shared their bit

This is my second attempt at 55 fiction. So, pardon me if it doesn’t come out well.


She picked up the news paper and smiled.

The article she had written on child labor was on the front page.

She started to read the paper and yelled, “Munni, Get the tea”.

After 2 mins, 13 year old Munni came with a cup  in her trembling hands.

PS – All of us talk big. Every one of us says, “We want to change the World”. But what we all seem to forget is that, “You must be the change you want

The punishment

He lit his Cigar and looked out of the window. From where he stood, he could see his empire… a village that he ruled. He held total control over the small village that was spread roughly over 200 acres. In this tiny village, none defied him. He was the sole ruler of the village and people accepted that. He knew that this acceptance came out of fear but not respect. But what was respect really in front of power and strength?

He puffed on the cigar, lost in thoughts. He needed a man who was brutal yet intelligent to carry

Full Moon

I pace around my room frustrated. Sleep has deluded me again. This has become so common now that I have started to think I have some sort of sleeping disorder. I have tried everything to get back to sleep… I have even popped a pain killer to fall asleep. But nothing worked and here I am pacing around in the middle of the night.

The room feels so stuffed and suffocating. I decide to get some fresh air. I tip-toe to balcony keeping in mind not to wake others. I close the door from outside and let out a sigh.

55 Fiction -1

This is my very 1st attempt at 55 fiction. I hope that it comes out bearable and ok if not good. I am so used to writing lengthy posts that this feels kinda weird. As I said, this is my 1st attempt so constructive criticism is welcome.

New Journey

Relief floods over my body,

Finally this is all over.                                                                                                                              

No more tears, pain, hurt and yelling.

I am going to move on and embark on a new journey.

My heart seems to take the cue and relaxes.

I smile and then I am gone.

Love it.. Share it..…

“Come on Amy, let’s decorate our tree”, she heard her mom call standing beside the tree with decorations lying on the floor.

Amy couldn’t take the eyes off the happy family playing in the snow making a snow man.

“Amy”, her mother called again.

“Coming”, she called back and started walking towards her mother.

“What’s wrong Amy”?

“Nothing mom”, Amy lied. The truth was she spent the whole day by the window wishing to see her dad come home this Christmas atleast. She searched her memory to remember when was the last time the whole family spent Christmas together. Her