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She sipped her coffee and looked at the door for what seemed like a zillionth time. She wished he would come before her nerves got better of her. Her nerves were rising with every passing moment. She was beginning to doubt, if she even wanted to do it. But she had to; everyone she knew had done it. She looked outside again but still there wasn’t any sign of him.

She ordered one more coffee and a chocolate brownie to go with it.

“I thought you were on a diet”, came a voice from behind.

“Giving Me a treat once

Family Misfit

She looked around and saw all familiar faces, the faces that she had been seeing for years together. She knew most of them there. Everyone there recognized her too yet she was lost. She felt like a complete stranger standing in that crowd. She had known them for years but she never understood them. She felt like a complete misfit in that crowd. She walked around with a glass in her hand, smiling at everyone who seemed to know her (though she hardly recognized a few). She acknowledged everyone’s presence and they returned the gesture.

“Have you thought anything about

First Crush

Year 2000

She closed her book and looked out of the train’s window. She could see things passing by but before she figured what they were, they were gone. Even though a part of her was very enthusiastic to embark this journey, the other part of her played a bummer. That part longed to be on her comfortable bed watching FRIENDS or Full House, she wanted to go to park and play with her friends, Gossip and also continue her dance practice for the surprise birthday program for one of her friend. And now, she was going to miss the

I could hear ringing somewhere….. It was something I seem to recognize. I think that’s my phone…. That’s Ajay calling. I tried to wake up and pick it but some part of me seemed to not agree with the plan. It seemed to enjoy my dream and wanted it continue…. It wanted see the happy image of me and Ajay in a meadow with no one around us. Finally, I managed to wake up and pick the call.

“Hello”, I said sleepily.

“Hi…. I thought you would never wake up and was about to hang up”.

“Sorry. Is everything ok?

In your arms…

Wrap your hands around me,

Hold me tight,

Never let me go,

Cause that’s where I belong,

That’s where I fit with perfection.

Let me stay there,

And lose myself,

Nothing seems to touch me,

They are like shield from misery,

They are my happy place.




Let me hear your heart beats,

I am an addict to them,

They calm me like a drug,

They sing to me,

A song that’s mine, just mine.

When in your arms,

I know we belong together,

So wrap your hands around me,

Cause that’s when I know,

‘This is forever’.

“Good morning Nupur”, dad wished me when I finally dragged myself out of the room. Last night I and Ajay had spent talking to Pooja. We all were so excited that we hardly slept for 3 hours.

“Morning Dad, you are having bread fast early. You are having bread … you never eat bread for breakfast”.

“I don’t have time to cook now. I have to go early so that I will make it by noon. I need to come home and prepare dinner as Pooja and her parents are coming to discuss about the engagement. Nupur, I need you