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“Are you really sure”, Nupur asked me for the100th time.

“Yes”, I said turning back and giving her a smile of confidence. The smile was plastered on my face. I was sure it didn’t fool neither Nupur nor Ajay. I have never been a good actress. And these two people in the car with me could see through me.

“Atleast let me come with you”, ajay pleaded.

“Nope. I want to do this on my own”, and besides I dint want my parents to focus their temper on him. It was me who they should be mad at. It was

“When are you guys planning on telling me the truth”, I asked when me, Pooja and Ajay were alone. Ajay had been home for 2 days now but I never got an opportunity to ask him what’s going on between him and Poo. We were surrounded by relatives who were here expecting gifts and few left disappointed. Other wise dad and Kaushik were around. I dint want to ask them in front of him.

“What truth”? Ajay asked innocently.

“The truth that you and Poo are seeing each other since 4 years”, I yelled. Their jaws dropped but I dint

“Why are you girls so calm”, Pa asked serving himself some curry.

“Nothing”, we both answered in unison. After our little fight we hardly spoke.

“Really”, Pa asked looking at me narrowing his eyes and I had a feeling as if he was trying to see through me. Now I finally know where Ajay gets that expression from. Ajay looked a lot like his mum except for his eyes. Nupur on the other hand looked like a female version of her dad, a more beautiful version. Her looks were something a guy could kill for. She had a height and

I really dint understand what Pooja liked so much about this movie. When ever they aired this movie, Pooja was glued to the TV. I on the other hand dint even understand what made this movie a hit in 1stplace. It was a typical bollywood movie with all its masala and the rona-dhona. I preferred action or comedy movies over all these crappy dramas. Even romantic movies would be better than these typical Bollywood movies. I turned to look at Pooja. The expressions on her face dint surprise me. By now I was used to her crying along with the

It was still 2 hrs to go before I was to meet Nupur. I had known Nupur for 20 years now and I met her nearly every single day. Today for the 1st time, I was nervous meeting her. I had very big news for her and I dint know how she would take it. I dint know if she would be happy or angry at me. Be what ever the consequence but I decided to tell her today. I had to tell her. I had hid this very vital part of my life from her for 4 years now

I woke up with sun rays falling on my face. I wasn’t done with my sleep, I wanted to sleep. But the room was getting bright and it was getting difficult for me to sleep. I reluctantly opened my eyes and looked at the alarm clock on bed side table. It was 11. I jumped out of bed. My dad must have waited for me. He usually left at 9:00 to his office and I had a feeling that he was mad at me. We had a rule to have our breakfast together. That was the only part of the