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It’s been so long since I posted something and it’s not because I m going through some kind of writers block or a busy life but it’s just because of my laziness. Anyways, I have decided to stop being lazy and get back to posting. And when I was thinking about what to post I had an idea of making another list (yes, yet another list). This time I have decided to make a list of My Favorite Movies… in other words Top 100 Movies according to me. And here are my 100 – 91 movies.

100) Miss. Congeniality

I know it’s been really really long since I blogged. The whole of last week I spent reading the Twilight series for a zillionth time. That’s when I remembered the survey one of my friends had mailed me long time ago (saying must reply), so I decided to answer that survey after a year.

1) Have you read twilight?


2) Are you a fan?

A big Yes.

3) Have you read it multiple times?

Yes. I read the whole series again just 2 days ago.

4) Did you buy your copy off the street or from a bookstore?


When we dream, we feel safe. Our dreams are our own and there is no way that anyone would be able to know them. You can dream of things that you would never want anyone to know and yet feel that the secret is safe within you… right? Wrong, if you living in the world of Christopher Nolan not even your dreams are safe. Your dreams, deepest buried secrets and thoughts are pretty much out there to be stolen. In the world of Christopher Nolan there are extractors.

Dominic “Dom” Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) is an extractor. His latest

Ok… I am not in love with it but it wasn’t all that bad. Yeah, yeah its one of those typical love stories which is way too predictable yet somehow it feels fresh.

The story is pretty simple. The boy (J played by Imran Khan… who btw is amazing) is a Casanova who flirts with any and everyone and doesn’t believe in love. The girl (Simran played by Sonam Kapoor) is a hopeless romantic, who believes in true love and has found her Mr. Right in her childhood pal. The boy meets the girl, flirts with her and the girl

Who said that?

You guys by now know that I a movie buff and love watching movies. What you guys might not know is that, I use way too many quotes (dialogues) from movies in real life. So when Neha tagged me asking to list down my favorite dialogues from Hollywood or Bollywood, I was excited… where else would I get to list those dialogues that I end up using in my vocab or like a lot? But that tag was a contest and I am not interested to participate in it and besides I think its over. So, I would be breaking

I have a Valentines Day tradition. Every Valentines day I sit in front of my Television, with a bag of chips and candy and watch romantic movies. Yesterday anyways, I broke this tradition. I went out with my Dad and cousin to an exhibition. We spent the whole evening shopping and then getting my pencil sketch done. The sketch I think was a big mistake as he screwed it up completely and ended up making me look fat and ugly. Anyways, before this I had half written a post on ‘My 10 favorite romantic movies of all time’. I thought