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Its been a while since I spoke about my favorite TV Shows here. When I came across this tag on Lindsay’s blog I thought it was just perfect for me. So here is my take on the tag.

Best TV Pilot?

Criminal Minds. The first episode of this show itself captivates you and you get hooked to the show.

Worst TV Pilot?

Doctor Who. I had heard so much about this show but when I saw the first episode it was lackluster. The plot of clichéd and the special effects were bad. But I am glad I stuck with …

I got corn removed from my leg through a very minor surgery but still it hurts and I cant walk. Before surgery, corn was so painful that i couldn’t walk at all. As a result of this, I haven’t updated my blog in a long time, so I have decided to post a draft that’s been in  my word documents for ages now. If you guys remember I wrote this post ages ago. So, here is the second half of that post… My favorite TV Couples.

Chandler and Monica aka Mondler (FRIENDS)

I know, I know when anyone says Friends

I have decided to stop being the Queen of Procrastinating and start to do all the tags and accept all the awards that have been neglected for months now. This is mainly due to 2 reasons – Firstly because even though I have gazillion ideas in mind, I am finding it hard to put them on paper and secondly because my friends are eating my brains out.

So, it’s only fair that I start from Sonia’s tag (who is the one eating my brains out) which she tagged me like 6 months ago (Geez! no wonder she is mad at

I always thought that staying at home would be relaxing but boy I was wrong. Staying at home and having nothing to do is really frustrating and that too when you have just graduated and are trying to figure out next step. What’s even more frustrating is that all of a sudden I am centre of the universe. Everyone from my relatives to friends to people on road are interested to know what am I up to and give suggestions completely ignoring my plan. So as I am locked up in my home with nothing much to do I am

I am so happy!! My TV is back and thankfully at the right time. I got to see The Unleashed Gilly yesterday night. I had not seen him play like that in a long. Actually I was on phone with one of my friends and we wanted Gilly to come out with the squash ball in his glove and just blaze off like he did in the world cup final. Well he dint need the ball to it anyways. What an innings man!! I just could not take my eyes of the screen. Damm! Every bowler looked so clueless while