Wanderlust Archive

My first international trip was to a place I will never forget.

The beauty of Maldives enchanted and captivated me. I didn’t want to leave this paradise on earth and get back to my mundane life. I left a piece of me behind and wish to go there once again. I fell hard for this place and here are the reasons why –

The breath taking first view of Maldives The speed boat (or seas plane) ride from Male to the resort. Maldivian hospitality The gorgeous water villas surrounded by the ocean on all sides The crystal clear water that…

Have I ever told you how much I love Hyderabad? No? Well, I do… I love my city with every cell in my body. I think that my city is one of the best cities to live in. I have been living here since forever and yet I never get bored of this city. I love everything about this city… well, except for the extreme summers but then again which city is perfect? I m pretty proud of being a Hyderabadi actually and when I walk on the streets of Hyderabad I just know that this is where I belong… …

I have always loved going on vacations, be it those vacations where all I did was relax and enjoyed the beauty in leisure or those, where I was running with time to soak up the place in as little time as possible.

Infact, when I was a kid I so wanted to travel around the world that I decided to marry Jeff Corwin. Jeff Corwin why you ask? Well, its simple, he traveled around the world to shoot his program and also he loved animals. But as I grew up, I realized how stupid that idea (and also he is