I really dint understand what Pooja liked so much about this movie. When ever they aired this movie, Pooja was glued to the TV. I on the other hand dint even understand what made this movie a hit in 1stplace. It was a typical bollywood movie with all its masala and the rona-dhona. I preferred action or comedy movies over all these crappy dramas. Even romantic movies would be better than these typical Bollywood movies. I turned to look at Pooja. The expressions on her face dint surprise me. By now I was used to her crying along with the characters in the movie. This wasn’t the 1st time I was watching something like this with her. The phone rang at that minute.

“Hi Dad! You not home yet, its 7?” I asked him.

“I meant to call your earlier but couldn’t. I don’t know when I will be home. You guys go ahead and have your dinner. Don’t wait up for me.” He sounded upset.

“Dad… is everything ok? Are you ok?”

“Yeah. I am alright. You know Mr. Subramanyam, my colleague. He just had a heart attack and I am in the hospital. His son isn’t here yet. I will stay here for a while and come when his son gets here. You girls take care alright? And take Spike out for walk. It’s already late.”

“You don’t worry about us Dad. I will take Spike out for a walk. You just take care of yourself. If you need something call me up alright? And keep me informed.”

“I will”, he said and hung up before I could say bye to him.

I came back to the room and saw that Pooja wasn’t concentrating that much on the movie now. She saw my expression and knew immediately that something was wrong with me.

“Is everything ok?” she asked me walking towards me.

I smiled. “Hmmm… Prakash’s dad just had a heart attack. Dad is in the hospital and he said he would be home late.”

“Was Prakash there too?” she asked me trying to read my face. In all these years she has mastered that art. Even without me telling she knew what I was feeling. That was comforting at times but it creeped me out the other times.

“No. Dad said he would home be as soon as Prakash gets there.” Pooja looked relieved and happy with that. She hated Prakash and that I knew.

“I have to take Spike out for walk. Its late and I don’t want to clean up after him.”

“Are you sure you don’t want me come along Nupur. Are you sure you are ok?” she asked with her critical eyes ready to pierce through me.

“Nah! You watch the movie. I will be back before you know it.”

“OK”, she said reluctantly. “Don’t be long”, I could hear her yell when I was getting out of the house.

Should I call Prakash? His dad just had a heart attack, he must be miserable. I think I should call him and give him some support. But will he be happy that I called him or will I be making him unhappier by bringing back some bad memories. May be I should wait for dad to see how things are going on. No! I yelled at myself. He had made it very clear that he dint want me in his life. This thought ached even now after 1 year. Pooja was right I had to move on.

Before I knew what hit me I landed thud on ground scratching my knee and elbow. Spike was running towards the main road trying to chase a cat. I yelled him name half filled with anger and other with fear. As soon as he heard me calling him he turned saw me down and came running to me and started to lick my knee which was now bleeding bad. I started walking back home. Compared to the pain in my heart this pain was nothing.

Pooja saw me and ran back into the room taking Spike from my hands and cleaning him. She later came out with the first aid kit and started to clean my wound.

“When will you learn to walk Nupur?” she asked me cleaning my wounds.

“Not my fault. Spike saw a cat and started chasing her. You know he is so strong and when he pulls you cant control him”, I defended myself.

“Yeah right! Tell me a single day that you don’t have a bandage on you. They have become like clothes to you” she said staring at me. That was true. I was very famous for falling down for no reason. I used to fall even if it was a plain road. I always carried bandages in my purse for the very same reason and also safety pins as I would rip off my clothes.

“But still I am better in sports than you”, I said making a smug face at her.

“I won’t deny that, Miss Sporty”, she said with a mocking smile. Her expressions then changed and she said “Did you know that Kaushik is coming with Ajay tomorrow. He is going to stay in your place for few months…..”

“WHAT!!” I yelled cutting her off.

“Oh! You dint know. They asked Pa about it and he said that would be alright. He has a project which would last for 3-6 months and he might have to go again. So it was Ajay’s idea that Kaushik stays here. Pa will have some one around and you will too”, she said looking at my face with I am sure was red now.

“How can dad agree without asking me? Don’t I live here? Don’t I have a say about who can live in my home? This is too much. How can Ajay expect me to stay with Kaushik after all he did to me? Its cause of him that Prakash dumped me.” I looked at Poo and I knew I made a mistake by saying this.

“Firstly Pa doesn’t know about it. Secondly Kaushik isn’t the person to blame. Your ex is the one to blame. Infact if not for Kaushik truth would have never come in front of us. He saved your life and you have no gratitude”, she yelled at me.

“He twisted the truth and ruined my life”, I muttered under my breath.

Just then we heard dad’s car come and knew that the topic needed to be cut off.

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