“Good morning Nupur”, dad wished me when I finally dragged myself out of the room. Last night I and Ajay had spent talking to Pooja. We all were so excited that we hardly slept for 3 hours.

“Morning Dad, you are having bread fast early. You are having bread … you never eat bread for breakfast”.

“I don’t have time to cook now. I have to go early so that I will make it by noon. I need to come home and prepare dinner as Pooja and her parents are coming to discuss about the engagement. Nupur, I need you home early too. We both will cook together and Ajay will do the cleaning”.

“Dad can’t Nupur do that”, Ajay retorted.

“No. She has to go to her office. You do the cleaning and she will cook”.

Ajay groaned and started cursing under his breath and I stuck my tongue out at him. Cleaning was the last thing you would ever expect Ajay to do. When we were young that’s how I made my pocket money, by cleaning his room. When ever I needed some more cash I would blackmail him about the same.

“Good Morning everyone”, Kaushik called out coming out of no where. He was drying his hair and was wearing a White T with Khaki and he looked HOT. I took my eyes off him and smiled. Only if I dint hate him, I would have been his friend.

“Good morning. You haven’t left yet”, dad asked surprised. Kaushik left before we woke up and came after we slept. We hardly remembered him living with us, which ofcourse made things easy for me.

“I worked late yesterday night so I have decided to take some time out uncle”.

“Great… I myself wanted to ask you to take some time out. And tonight you are having dinner with us and I don’t want any excuses”.

“Sure uncle. I will be here”.

“Alright kids. I have to go now”.

We all said bye to dad and he again reminded me to come back home soon and even warned me against helping Ajay with cleaning.

“Kaushik, you need to drop me to office today”, I said buttering my bread.

“Nupur”, Ajay yelled out of no where.


“Kaushik isn’t your chauffeur to drive you where ever you want”.

“We both work in the same office… different building… but office is the same”.

“Yeah, but he isn’t going to office today. He is helping”.

I looked at Kaushik who was biting into bread as if none of this concerned him.

“By helping he means… I will be doing the whole work and he would be managing my work”, he said finally.

“But I need to go to my office. I have given my Dhano for servicing and my bus might have left already. Dad has taken the car. No auto will come there…”

“Take a MMTS”.

“No, Ajay. I will drop her”. He turned to me and said, “Don’t worry, I will drop you”.

“Thanks. I will get dressed and come”.

I couldn’t believe that I asked Kaushik to drop me… I guess desperate times desperate measures. I was also counting on him not being a great talker. So he would not strike a conversation until I did and I had no such plans. I got dressed quick and went down. He was already in the car; he also had the passenger door open for me. I got in and gave him a smile. With out a word he started the car. We remained silent for a long time, then I searched the cabinet and found a CD and started playing songs. We drove in silence for a long time, listening to songs.

“Are you planning on staying mad at me forever”? he asked all of a sudden.

“I am not mad at you”. I said looking out side the window. I cant lie looking at him.

“Nupur, I am not so dumb to not even get that you are mad at me. I even know the reason and in my defense all I want to say is, I dint lie”.

“Can we not go there, I am trying to block that out of my mind”.

“Ok”. And we fell silent again.

I should have taken MMTS.

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  1. Aditi Kaur Reply to Aditi

    I want more Kaushik… I want more Kaushik…

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  3. Diwakar Sinha Reply to Diwakar

    interesting post! will look out for more

  4. @ hary

    Its not a short story… more chapters coming up 😛

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    For no absolute reason I find some kind of subtle lines crossing here and there from few books,few movies and stuff.No doubt on your authenticity though.
    I would suggest you to make your stories more interesting.Presently,they are quite predictable. 🙂

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