I could hear ringing somewhere….. It was something I seem to recognize. I think that’s my phone…. That’s Ajay calling. I tried to wake up and pick it but some part of me seemed to not agree with the plan. It seemed to enjoy my dream and wanted it continue…. It wanted see the happy image of me and Ajay in a meadow with no one around us. Finally, I managed to wake up and pick the call.

“Hello”, I said sleepily.

“Hi…. I thought you would never wake up and was about to hang up”.

“Sorry. Is everything ok? Its 2 and we hung up just an hour before”.

“Open your door”.


“Open your door…. No questions. Just do it”.

I opened the door and there he was outside my home with a phone in his hand and a bright smile on his face.

“What are you doing”? I said, cutting the phone and leaning towards the wall.

“I wanted to see you”. He jumped over the wall. This was the benefit of living in an independent home. Having a door that directly connects my room to outside was also very helpful. Trying not to wake anyone up, I lead him into my room.

“Couldn’t you wait till tomorrow”?

“Nope, we are getting engaged and I wanted to do this before that”, he said flashing his million dollar smile again. That’s my weakness. That smile makes me forget everything else in the world.

“Do what?” I said all confused.

Just then Ajay went down on his knee and popped open a box. In that was the ring that I had selected to be my engagement ring.

“Pooja…. You have made my life worth living. You are the only one in the world who knows me inside out. To be frank you are only one in this whole entire universe who has the capacity to tolerate me…. Who knows my reactions, who know what to say when and how to convince and how to put your point forth and get it done? You are the only one who has survived my worst of worst moods… so today I am asking you to be my wife and tolerate me forever”.

I started nodding my head vigorously with tears pouring down. I could feel the hot tear starting to roll down my check. I couldn’t see anything. Everything was so blurred… my tears were obstructing my vision. I could feel Ajay hand holding my hand and placing in the ring on my finger. I could feel the ring there. I tried to blink, I wanted to see Ajay’s face and I was sure he would be smiling. My tears seem to work in their own way and completed neglected my interest. I could feel them pouring on cheeks. I closed my eyes, just then I felt something soft touching my cheek. They slowly started to move around my face until they found their right place.

As soon as his lips found mine, they started to move with urgency that I never felt before. To my surprise my lips responded the same way…. If not with more. It felt as if we were trying to seal all the kisses of a year into this one kiss. Slowly his lips started to slow down, I forced my lips to slow down so that I could take my own time and taste every part of his mouth. After God knows, how long we both parted with a sigh as it was getting difficult to breathe. We both stared at each other for a long time.

“Did you ever expect me to do this”? He asked finally breaking the silence.

“Not in a zillion years”, I replied honestly and my curiosity got the better and I asked, “Why did you do this anyways”?

“I dint want to actually. I never thought I would. But today after we hung up, I started to talk to Nupur and she told me that when you both were young and plan your weddings, you always used to say that you would only marry if someone went down on their knees for you. She also told me that was on top of your wish list. I asked what your wishes were and she gave a huge a list and I thought I could do none of the others, so I decided, I would atleast full fill this wish of yours”.

He moved to the bed and asked me to sit beside him. I dint say a word. I was still shocked that he did this and even more that Nupur remembered my wish list. We made that list when we were 10.

“You know Nupur has gone insane…. She isn’t sleeping nor letting any one of us sleep. She put the mehndi and that women told her to take it off at 3 or something and she is scared that will forget so she is making Kaushik give her some company. She is making him do all sorts of things….. You won’t believe that she spent the whole day with him shopping and he tells me they approximately paid a visit to a minimum of 150 shops”.

“Wow! I can’t believe that she is going out with Kaushik, she hates that guy”.

“Yes, she does. Apparently he has the best taste in women’s clothes and knows everything and compliments her if it’s really good and tells her if it’s bad. So she has booked him as her shopping companion. Sorry Pooja, I think you have just been fired”.

He laughed and I joined.

“Thank God for that. The last time we were shopping for her friends wedding, she showed me the whole Charminar…. You know she like knows half the people there. I actually asked her to quit her job and become a shopping guide.”

“Not a bad idea”.

“She said the same”.

Then we looked at each other again and fell silent. The silence felt good weird and his lips found mine again.

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