This is my second attempt at 55 fiction. So, pardon me if it doesn’t come out well.


She picked up the news paper and smiled.

The article she had written on child labor was on the front page.

She started to read the paper and yelled, “Munni, Get the tea”.

After 2 mins, 13 year old Munni came with a cup  in her trembling hands.

PS – All of us talk big. Every one of us says, “We want to change the World”. But what we all seem to forget is that, “You must be the change you want to see in the world”.

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  1. This is so true. We need to make sure we preach only that which we follow.

    Good one.

  2. Hey Harini… hari and harini almost on the same topic around same time… i just posted a blog similar…!nice! tc buddy

  3. great one re Harini..very very nice 🙂

  4. i loved how you sent out such a strong message in just 55 words , well done

  5. Power-packed punch!!
    Very nice message sent across effectively in plain 55 words 😀

    Keep ’em coming girl!

  6. Great message Harini! You are right…so many of us in this world are hypocrites…we say something but act in a way that’s completely the opposite.

  7. I agree, one should actually be the change rather than be all-talk only.

  8. lovely…

    often we become preachy..

    good 55 fiction

  9. hey very nice one..and you are absolutely right…its up to us to be the change…
    loved the 55-er..
    do write more…

  10. very right…You have communicate a strong mess in few lines..well done 🙂

  11. True.The world is filled with hypocrites who pour out unending advice to any and everyone….but seldom do anything concrete or relatively closer to what they themselves preach!

  12. It came out really well. And the message was spot on. Kudos.

  13. Very true harini! But some social issues really don hav an end watever step we take!!!

  14. Wow ! Loved it ! And I totally agree with what yous said. Unfortunately we have a lot of mere preachers in this world !

  15. hey that was quite a thoughtful choice of topic!
    loved it..


  16. true 🙂

    hey, i have got a bit busy with studies, so blog time restricted for sundays. so wont be able to comment much on ur blog.i read the blogs i follow on my phone when i take breaks at the library, but my phone ka internet doesn allow commenting. so plz don mind if u don’t get a comment from me on ur blogs. im still readin it 🙂 cheers

  17. That was so apt! And it is applicable to so many people!

  18. The day we stop doin good for the idiotic reason that we wanna ‘reach heaven’ or wanna b self-righteous and think logically.. the world will dfntly become a nicer place..

  19. Aaah this was bang on target. Very nice

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