It doesn’t always have to big things like diamond rings (I so want one right now) to make us happy. Many times, its small things that put a smile on our faces. And this is my list of those things.

My dad awkwardly stroking my head, as it’s his one and only way to tell show he loves me.

Spending time with people I connect and love… be it family or friends. They sure do put a smile on my face.

Pulling legs of my friends A and H.

That I have changed in past 2 years. Now I m more confident, more out going and can say ‘NO’.

Rain, smelling the awesome smell of mother earth and eating either hot hot makka butta (corn) or an ice cream… Heaven :).

Putting in hours together and dishing out something and people appreciating what you make. That just makes the whole effort worth it.

When my Dad cooks something that I crave for.

Those mornings and days when I feel lazy and spend them exactly how I feel…lazing around.

Getting my hair oil massage by Saritha. She is awesome at that.


Gorging on my favorite food.

Having a good hair day.

A baby or kid smiling at me or holding my finger and knowing that one day in future I will have one of these angels to call my very own :).

The way dogs wag their tails as soon as they see me (not my dogs… I don’t have one yet).

Seeing the way my young niece and nephews react when I go to visit them. Seeing them so happy because of me, makes me happy.

Waking up being happy and contended with the last night’s sleep (which rarely happens btw).

When people say “I love you”.

The fact that there are two people in this world who love me unconditionally and for whom I mean the world.

Receiving compliments. Here’s a secret… I m sucker when it comes to flattery *shh* 😳 .

My I-Pod Nano. Its very special.

People doing nice and sweet things for one another or for animals.

Cuddling my soft toys and sleeping.

Looking at my Sponge Bob Square Pants Pillow… the pillow looks funny, I m sure it will make you smile too: P.

Reading a good book with my favorite songs playing.

Seeing couples in love.

The smell of freshly baked bread.

Taking a long hot/cold shower after a tiring day.



When someone does something sweet for me.

When I do something that I think is commendable.

Knowing that I have lots of strength inside of me.

Remembering all the good times I spent with my Grand Pa… remembering him makes me nostalgic but also happy.

Watching Cricket with Dad… our father-daughter bonding time.

Watching one of my favorite movies, relaxing on couch with something to munch on.

Watching Friends.

Dancing… well, I only and only dance when I m happy.

My perfect weather… cloudy and drizzling lightly.

Eating chocolates.


Finding money which I dint know existed.

Watching India win a cricket match.

Going on long drives.


Taking pictures.


You guys and my blog. Every time I read your comments it just makes my day.

So, What makes you guys happy?

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  1. <3

    U n I r much alike but that u already know… 🙂

  2. you have listed down the best recipe of happiness 🙂
    that really made me smile 🙂
    lovely post 🙂

  3. sweeeeet revelation! . luvd yur dad stroking part and so many like, pulling the legs of yur frnds……. and the pics match well!

  4. quite a long list. cud relate to many of them

  5. this post has energised me and i cant thank you enough for leading me in here!


    i think i m the happiest woman on earth 😀

    your pondering has put me in place 😀


  6. Wow! what an absolutely wonderful list and an amazing selection of pictures 😀
    Wishing you loads of happy and wish fulfilling moments in the days to come.

  7. This is such a lovely list, really put a smile on my face! 😀

  8. Nice! It’s a beautiful list…and yes, the simple things in life can bring so much pleasure! 🙂

  9. Fabulous list. I was actually telling loud in my mind “Me too” for most things. 🙂

  10. Thats a cute post 🙂

  11. a wonderful list! my fav points are the ones that involve u n your dad 😀

  12. Your post just reminds me that happiness is everywhere and we should find it… 🙂

    Nice post Harini 🙂

  13. ha ha… only blogging and reading comics makes me happy…:D

  14. I could so relate to your list ! Just reading it made me happy !

  15. your list proves that you have a heart of gold my friend 🙂

  16. You have covered pretty much everything, haven’t you 🙂

    Yeah most of these things make me happy 🙂 But my diamond adds a shine to that happiness 😉

  17. Wow…Such a simple & nice post.. I liked that when ppl do some nice things for one another you feel good… That shows you are good human being:)..

    Enjoyed this post..indeed..!

  18. So much positivity! *sigh* love it.
    My dad’s gesture of love is also putting his hand on my head. Something to do with apprehensive-to-show-love South Asian dads? 🙂

  19. You are beautiful inside out, wish you happiness and smiles and all that you wish, ever! 🙂

  20. That was a very sweet list! 🙂

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