I am back from Tirupati and like always I had a great trip. It’s a tradition in my family to visit Tirupati atleast once a year, which was started by my Grand Pa around 40 years ago and till date we follow it religiously. I remember how much I looked forward to Tirupati trip every summer when I was a kid. I dint know its importance but I always had fun and I loved Tirupati. Things haven’t changed much, its just now I know the power that place holds. I love Tirupati and actually consider it a home away from home.

This time around the trip was so jam packed that I hardly found time to eat let alone do anything else. This time too I climbed the hill along with my Dad, Aunt and Cousins. Even though my legs were freaking killing me,  I still  loved the whole experience. Later that day we had the quickest Darshan in the history… it just took an hour!! No kidding! The next day we spent visiting other temples like Kalathasti, Alvelumanga Puram and Golden Temple of South. Yes, there is a golden temple in Sripuram (Tamil Nadu)  and its gorgeous! The next day we had Vasanthosavam pooja and started back.

Anyways, I am not gonna bore you with the details of the trip but post just a few pictures that I managed to take. They are just ok  as i used my phone to take them and less in number as I seriously dint have any time in hand.

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  1. Wow! that’s wonderful you had a fantastic trip.
    I missed you buddy, that’s why m here first 😀 😀
    Cool pics, loved the picture quality of all of them even when you’ve shot them from your mobile.

    Have a good time 😀


  2. Nice pics! 🙂 I had a chance to go to Tirupati a few years back, but somehow it didnt happen! 🙁 I really want to go there since Ive heard so much about it…!

    Left a comment on ur oscar dresses post! 🙂 check out.. 🙂


  3. Obviously we missed your silly posts 😛
    How are you? 😀 and lovely pictures.. I agree, the place is beautiful 🙂

  4. Err…. did u happen to meet humans on the way…:P

    welcome backy buddy, i missed you…:D

  5. Great snaps! I agree the place looks beautiful.
    I love the eleventh picture, what is it? The colours are stunning.

  6. Missed you of course!

    sounds like you had a grreaatttt time 🙂

    hey the pictures are very nice and ultra clear!! nice camera in the phone! how many megapixels?? my phone’s cam is so lame!

  7. So good to see u back….lovely pics!!refreshed my childhood memories when i used to go to tirupati. 🙂

  8. hey i think u had a great time.. even we also have the same ritual goin to tirupathi atleast once in a year.

    wow are too good, i couldnt belive u took this pics with ur mobile.Which one do you have.. clarity rocks…

  9. great clicks girl…I have been to Tirupati twice in my life..I love the place too..soon planning to make another trip 🙂

  10. Beautiful pictures! Love the view, I love exploring different towns.

  11. Kalpana Raja Reply to Kalpana

    Amazing pictures ! stunning colours ! I can almost smell and breathe the air there :)..I actually bloghopped into yours from areasontowrite..and wow..I’m happy I found another very interesting blog! keep writing..

  12. you goto be kidding me! your fone takes awesome pics! nice clicks…colorful…loved them
    been to tirupati just once when i was small…peaceful place i agree…


  13. wow!! wonderful pics..

  14. welcome back harini.. I hope you had a good time! 🙂
    And the pictures are soooooooooo Beautiful! =)

  15. Missing you is not an option, but a compulsion ! 🙂

    But with such great pics, I don’t mind missing you more 😛 .. I’ve been to Tirupati, but it was way back ! Frankly speaking, South India never pulled me .. blame the weather there ! 😐

  16. great pics 😀

    never been 2 tirupathi…n u go there every year? cool! 🙂

  17. welcome back Harini 🙂 🙂

    great to hear that you had a very short wait for darshan 🙂 🙂

    the pictures are quite good… loved that insect picture 🙂

  18. did u get to ride an elephant??that sounds so cool!

  19. Hey! Loved the pics… and ur space 🙂 Its kewl… I have joined u! and U have gr8 photographic skills dear! keep ur the good work 🙂 I enjoyed the tour 🙂 free mein … thanks

  20. well the pics were neat, especially tha hathi and the bridge one!

  21. Hi Harini…… i am new to indiblogger, just my third day. Your blog on Tirupati reminded me of my one trip to Tirupati.It was such a fulfilling experience 🙂

    Nice pics accompanying the blog

  22. Good one! Awesome pics 🙂
    Tirupati/Tirumala is something we too visit every year.

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