Happy Diwali!!

I know this post is kinda late… but hey, Diwali is not yet over, so officially I am in time :D. This post is going to be a pretty short one as I am just home (you guessed it right, I entered the home and 1st thing I am doing is blogging) from my Aunt’s place and I am tired, happy and tummy full.

The day began with Puja of Goddess Lakshmi and then moved on to peat-Puja. My Aunt is a great cook. She made my Favorite Gojju Pulihora in other words Tamarind Rice and it tasted so yum. She also made sweets which were like heaven sent. I am sure that after the way I ate today I must have put on 2-3 kgs easily. I had a feeling that my tummy will explode any minute yet I couldn’t help gorging down the food. I had a bowl of Pyasam and also… I don’t know but few Kajjikayalu, which is made with wheat and Maida flour, with a filling either of sugar and coconut or jaggery and dal. I prefer the coconut one though and that’s what I had today.

But the best part was ofcourse, lighting the Diya’s and bursting Crackers. I was reminded so much of my Grand Pa today, he was the one who used to hold my hand when I was scared and I did the same today with my younger cousin. That minute, I felt so grown up. Every year I look forward to bursting the crackers, they are my favorite… this is my favorite most festival.

Unfortunately I missed my Aunt’s Rangoli as it was all gone by the time I went there. But with what I saw, I was sure it was great. She is an art teacher and is so great with all such stuff.

I also made a few new friends. There pictures are below. I know they aren’t great but I did what ever best I could with my mobile cam and also fishes don’t pose.

Its also my Dad’s birthday today. 53 years ago he was born, that day also happened to be Diwali. So every year he gets 2 birthday’s. One on Diwali (according to astrology and all) and on 17th October and I only get one :(. But this time around he gets only one too.. Yippee! I am getting my dad a scanner(sshh), I know you might be thinking so weird but he wanted it since the day we got Comppy (PC) and what better gift than something he has wanted since ages?

All in all, I had a great day with my family, crackers and sweets and I hope you had even better day :).

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  1. Happy Diwali!!! And Birthday Wishes to your dad…

    You have managed to cover every aspect of Diwali in this post. Loved the pics 🙂

  2. happy diwali to you too darling! ;D
    and happy birthday harini's daddy!
    ohhh i've never seen those sweets before.
    we have something like that Kajjikayalu though. it's made with sweet potato dough and filled with coconut and sugar. looks exactly the same too

  3. lol @ he gets one only too 😛

    happy bday to ur dad…and happy diwali!
    yeah..it's tough to get the fish to pose 😛 🙂

  4. Hey..happy diwali to you too! I hate the fact that I didn't manage to click pics yesterday, specially after seeing yours. The food looks yumm!
    And i got 5 new fish too 🙂
    Happy Birhday to your father!

  5. I love festivals. 🙂 It's always such a nice feeling to have everyone get together!

  6. It is never too late for good wishes 🙂
    Happy Diwali to you, too!
    And a very Happy Birthday to your father! 🙂
    By the way, all those food pictures make me hungry and the Rangoli is beutiful. 🙂

    Cheers, G. 🙂

    By the way, I missed you in my latest post 😛

  7. I miss India. I miss fire works and all :((.

  8. lol, thanks Harini, you are so good to my ego 😉
    have a great week doll

  9. Swapna Raghu Sanand Reply to Swapna

    Happy Diwali and Happy B'day to your dad. Loved reading about all that yummy food your aunt made. The part about your grandpa was also very touching. Keep writing.

  10. @ Anoop

    Thank You and Wish you the same

    @ Ashley.

    Thank You :).

  11. @ Manju

    Yeah, any time you feel low, you now know whom to talk to ;).

    You took have a great weekend hun.

  12. @Nikita

    I know… I tried so hard, they were very disobedient x(

  13. @ Mishika

    They tasted awesome too. Thanks

  14. @ Archana

    Thats the best part of any festival… celebrating it with people u love. Be it family or friends :).

  15. @ Guria


    I did visit and did comment and anyways here I say it again. That story was really awesome… AWESOME!

  16. @ Ash

    Who asked to settle in US :P.

  17. @ Swapna

    Thanks and wish you the same.

    Thanks for the follow too :).

  18. Late ..neverthless Belated diwali wishes indeed…funny i was following yu on yur other blog…story world when i realised am never getting any feeds from yu!..so here i am 😀 …wow yu hav payasam….!! Boy i luvvvvvvvv it…cya around!

  19. belated diwali wishes from my side too….
    (now I think I am late)

  20. Another Blogger Reply to Another

    hi. just happened to stumble upon your blog. happy diwali to you too!
    God, your post really made me hungry!!
    and I looovvvee your layout – it is really cute!

  21. I love that coconut sweet. Remember you got for me when i came over? Anyways, i loved your template.. and your pic is too cute. Nazar lagegi.

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