Lazy Day…

I feel so lazy today. I feel like doing nothing. I thought of updating my blog and started writing from 12 but was lazy to continue.

Then I opened Microsoft word to work on my 2 stories (yes, started to write a second one… as if 1st is a best seller) and then closed them. Don’t feel like.

Then I logged on to Facebook to play restaurant city & pet society then thought otherwise. So decided to take quizzes but they were so weird that I could hardly understand the question let alone answer. The quality of the quizzes has gone down in FB. I used to enjoy taking them before but now…

Then I went to watch television and browsed through the movie channels but none were good. So went to the check the DVDs lying in my home but I had seen them all. So I started watching Star World as I knew Friends would be coming from 1-3 today. But dint even feel like watching that…. The main reason was I saw those episodes on week days and secondly now that I own the DVD set (all 10 seasons :D) I can watch them any time I want. So I continued to browse to atleast find a Telugu movie to watch but then dad woke up and started watching the minister’s oath.

The one thing I want to watch is Farah’s show as Irfan and Yusuf are going to come on it.

Then I and my Dad had this huge debate on Who is going to be our next CM. I think it will be Jagan Mohan Reddy and my Dad says it will be Purandareswari…. it will be interesting if she is the CM.

I dint feel like cooking but I had to… even though it’s a Sunday and my dad’s turn to cook…. I did. My dad has flu and fever and I am not even that bad to torture him when he is unwell. I even cooked what he asked me to… yet it was of no use. See, cause of the flu my dad couldn’t taste them.

While cooking I tried to read a few blogs and comment on them, stopped again.

Then I opened the book ‘Confessions of a shopaholic’. I have been reading the book for quiet sometime now and I have only read about 60 pages. No, it’s not like the book isn’t interesting… its me. On top of it, it’s a PDF, so I would take more than usual time. I dint find this book with my book wala and also i have exceeded my budget for the books. I have this weird thing of not only reading a book but also collecting them. I now have a shelf full of books…. Only if people give me back the books they borrowed.

The one thing that I am doing with interest right now is keeping an eye on England – Australiamatch scoreboard. Even though my dad is glued to the TV… I have been checking the score on cricinfo. After the T20 one dayers have kinda lost their charm haven’t they? And Shane Warne aggress with me :).

One more reason I am so hooked to the match is I want to keep my lead in the cricinfo fantasy league… I have already decided what I want (from the bet) so I don’t want to loose after all the hard work I did in tests and T-20. Right now, I am fuming mad at Bopara, he has scored one run from 12 balls… the last thing I want is a negative for strike rate. I already have Stuart in my team who isn’t playingL. Damn! Should have gone with Strauss.

Vishal called me in the noon and asked me to come to Kaminey movie and later help him shop and I rejected! Can you believe that, I said no to Kaminey movie…? I have wanted to watch the movie since it came out but I said no stating that I am not feeling well…. The mental state does count…. Doesn’t it??

Don’t ask me what’s wrong…. I, myself have no clue… its just one of those days where I want to do nothing and its ok. It’s a weekend and I can afford it.

PS – I think the English guys looked much hotter in blue.

PPS – Isnt he just very very very cute??? Dont you dare say no x(

PPPS- I know, i should have gone for Strauss…. Bopara gone! Damn! Prior gone too but Watson gets 2 wickets… not bad.

Oh! I knew Sania would be out of US open… she is so hyped.

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  1. I had an equally boring day, but the evening sort of made up for the lost time. I finally saw Hangover (this was the third installment) but as luck would have it, the ending wasn't there. I din't realise but due to low disk spake the movie couldn't be downloaded completely. 🙁

    And my plans of going for the book fair and Daryaganj Sunday book bazaar crashed yet again. But the good part is (there is always a good part!) that I'm going to Daryaganj next week for sure. 🙂

    Happy Sunday!

  2. o girl ur srsly nuts u rejected 4 kaminey i mean damn

    no he isnt cute james anderson is much hotter

    o wow u knw 2 cook teach me someday

  3. I wont say he is the cutest… he is alright.

    Why do you hate sania so much?

  4. Sourav !!! Reply to Sourav

    LOL.. that was ACTUALLY an interesting day .. did u ever wonder, what all u did, watching movies, FRIENDS, cooking, matches, reading blogs and a novel, writing story, leaving comment, following cricket matches and above all u were keen on following England's silly diaper babies .. go for Australians< Kiwis or even South African .. !

    And no that wasn't a boring day anyways ! 😛

    Boring is what I do, home-office-home and the eve tea at nukkad wd silly idiotic frens! 😀

    Keep getting bored 😉

    Sourav…in love with me and life

    P.S. Sorry there was some error with my blog's link, had to delete my comments twice !

  5. I second Sourav in asking…
    was it really a LAZY day..Ok you can it Lazy but not bad I think….I would love to have some like these…
    and yes….you are big fan of cricket…

  6. Hopeless Romantic Reply to Hopeless

    i am also reading COS, even though its good in parts, it just a bit too lengthy….the kick of someone getting maniac for shopping is too stretched for a 250 odd page book….i am also half way through and not sure i want to complete it 😀

  7. yaa I can relate with u..After college got daz have become very boring n lazy.

  8. I would give anything to spend a day like you…

  9. lazy arses both of us, haha!
    but sometimes doing nothing is the best thing ^^
    gajjar ka halwa is yumm-O im a little jealous now! lol
    I read COS! preferred the movie though, coz you get to eye her wardrobe

  10. Jaunty anima Reply to Jaunty

    n u call tat borin..huh!!
    nice blog der!!

  11. @ Mishika

    Hangover movie is really good…watch it completely.

  12. @ Neha

    Tell me about it… I feel like complete idiot for doing that… He is mad at me too, you know :((

  13. @ sourav and RS

    It was a good enough day. I had better actually 😛

  14. @ Amit

    Its a total chick lit and I myself find it kinda boring… its being dragged. But it is better after she writes that article you know.

    Actually i like her 'Remember Me?' and Twenties Girl more.

  15. @ Happy birdie

    Yeah! I have turned so lazy and even miss my College :((

  16. @ Taniya

    Anything ;)??

  17. @ Manju

    You had a chocolate cake…. I would prefer that 😛

  18. @ jaunty anima

    not boring but lazy

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