Mr. Poke A Nose

Few days ago my Dad came home all huffing and puffing combined with worry. I asked him the reason. That’s when my Dad told me about; well let’s call him Mr. Poke a Nose as he loves poking his nose where it doesn’t belong. Apparently Mr. Poke Nose lives in my colony and had given me many toffees when I was young. I tried pretty hard to jerk my memory but I couldn’t remember him a wee bit, so I concluded that he was such a pain that my brain has blocked all his memories.

Anyways, Mr. Poke a Nose met my Dad on street and they had a little chat. That chat was the reason for my Dad’s foul mood. This is the gist of the conversation.

Mr. Poke a nose: Hello. How have you been?

Dad: I am fine Mr. Poke a nose. How are you and your family?

Mr. Poke a nose: I am fine and they are fine too. You tell me, how is your daughter? She must be all grown up now. How old is she?

Dad: Yeah, she is 22 (well, I am 21 but my Dad loves making me 22 and sometimes 23 too).

Mr. Poke a nose: 22 ha? Are you searching from a groom yet? It’s the perfect age to get a girl married.

Dad: Yes I am. But she isn’t  ready yet. She says she is just 21 and wants to get settled.

Mr. Poke a nose: (with shake of head) No No, it should be your decision when it comes to her marriage. She is young and naïve, she doesn’t know that 21 is perfect age to get married. She is in proper age where she could be mould according to the customs of the house she married into.

You remember the case of Mr. A’s daughters don’t you? The eldest was so career oriented that she waited still she was settled. She was 26 by the time they started to search for groom. Now she is 32 and still unmarried. Cause of her mistake even her sisters are suffering.

Dad: Yes.

Mr. Poke a nose: I recently heard that he decided to get his 3rd daughter married as other two are old and only will get divorced men. So, being a good neighbor I suggested a proposal. But the groom’s side turned her down. They dint like it that she wore jeans and had guys as her friends. (Ok, who say men don’t gossip?)

Dad: Oh

Mr. Poke a nose: Now that I think of it, I have seen your daughter wearing jeans many times. Wearing jeans is not in our culture… its American. You know Mr. Dad, we are still orthodox. If anyone sees her wearing jeans or talking to boys they will gossip and it will become difficult to get her married.

After I heard this I burst out laughing. Rather than finding the conversation worrisome, I found it funny… Very funny. Yes, I was furious at first, cause he doesn’t know me and he has no freaking right to talk about me.  But later that was replaced by serious laughing in my head as my brain came to following conclusions –

I will never have a problem getting a Green Card as I wear jeans and that’s makes me an American.

I would never have to worry about marrying a loser as my guy friends would make him run.

At 21 you are matured enough to get married yet not matured enough to make a decision about your wedding.

Mr. Poke a nose needs to find a time machine to back to his own time.

PS – I am going to Tirupati day after. So I will away from Blog world this weekend. Have a great weekend guys and wish me safe trip :).

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  1. //At 21 you are matured enough to get married yet not matured enough to make a decision about your wedding.//

    so trueeeeee babe! we’re living in a funny world!

  2. He is Poke a nose for sure… World need some insaneness… And then there he is 😀

  3. I know one such poke-a-nose who always keeps on telling me how our caste girls are better… i love messing wid him…explaining him in detail on kamasutra and asking if he practices and alll…:P

  4. I have heard this conversation somewhere before…..
    ohhh, now i remember, me an ‘eligible’ bride too!

    Didn’t you know, Harini, Farmville isn’t the most popular game in the world, it is match-fixing! To hell with the girl and the boyy whose lives you are trying to make ‘a living hell’!! 😀

    Great post! :))

    Pray hard at Tirupati! Stay safe! And watch the magic unfurl in your life with the *thing* you so badly want! You have no idea the power of wishes and their magic! All my best wishes!! love ya’ girlie! :))

  5. Such ‘poke a nose’ characters exist in every corner of the world. They try to loathe their irrational thinking on everyone they can hold of.
    The best thing to do is to pay no heed to such ‘unwanted free advise’.

    Hope you have a safe trip and a wonderful time 🙂


  6. Hehe..tht was a funny conversation Harini..really who says Men dont gossip..!!! 😛

    I too hate it when ppl who dont even knw me properly start broachin the subject of my marriage to my parents n knw wat… even this is the same..I m just 21 n my parents say 22, wen asked.. 🙁

    Have a happy n safe trip… Enjoy.. 🙂 🙂

  7. ugh… thank goodness I never had these problems… being the youngest of six with 10 nephews and neices…my mother is happy I choose not to marry or have kids, there is enough already! 🙂

    You know you best and that is what matters 🙂 Have a lovely week!

  8. “At 21 you are matured enough to get married yet not matured enough to make a decision about your wedding.”

    Great line dear.

  9. hahaha lol @ Mr. nose poker! =D My God I never knew uncles these days also talk so much about other girls who are unmarried! =) I thought only aunties talk about it =! Annoying when someone else asks our parents to get us married soon 😐

    Girls need to settle down before getting hitched! ♥

    Have a safe trip !! 🙂

  10. We have many poke-a-noses in Europe, too. And I seem to have spotted some in Taiwan as well. Ah, what to do. It’s a human flaw.

  11. uh huh.. tell you dad not to bother about what mr. poke a nose ever says! mr. poke a nose sounds like a potential shiv-sainik to me!

  12. Such Pinocchio should be avoided at any cost, and you are doing the right thing by going away to to Tirupati 🙂
    Wish you a pleasant trip 🙂

    PS: Am 26, and I get more marriage proposals then job offers .. though am happy with the job and Facebook at the moment ! 😛

  13. ohh my!!!

    Maybe he has a son and he has a crush on you!

  14. LOL @ conversation!
    getting married at 21! :O NO NO!


  15. That kind of conservative opinion is not even tolerable, utterly ridiculous. I wish he gets herpes.

  16. Arghh….ask me how much i hate those similar kind of relatives, in you case its neighbour!

  17. these darned poke a nose people… I wonder from which century he landed here… and don’t they have any other work than comment on another’s daughters and why daughtes only!!!
    he made a joke of himself 😛

  18. OMG!! i cudnt stop laffing….this was so funny….wonder how such ppl still exist!! 21 is the right age to get married!? Who says that in the 21st century…. this is the time to think about doing ur PG and then work for a while and then probably think of getting married. I hate ppl who start talking abt a girl’s marriage the moment she crosses 18!

  19. These sights are common. People change , education too changes , but somethings hidden deep inside are hard to find. Let at all be changed.High time people are more open and confident to make sure the decisions they take are for “themselves” not for othes.Nice share.

  20. Very funny!

    Now I am embarrassed to say this , I am 24 ONLY and my grand father wants me to get married!

    I said Sure I will after 5 years atleast!

    I am not matured was my answer.

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