It’s been more than 2 weeks since I blogged. It’s not because, I don’t have anything to blog about (which is generally the case) but because I was busy having ‘Time of My Life’. Anyways I have decided to make up for my absence for 20 days… in others words long post ahead, watch out!!!

The last 20 days were AWESOME (Barney’s style) and are filled with few of the happiest moments of my life. But then again, I am always happy when he is around. He makes me smile and weirdly enough manages to keep it intact. I am already looking forward to his next trip which I know wont be before 6 months for sure.

I have seen Avatar 2 times, once in 2-D and once in 3-D. I have been mesmerized by the movie both the times and couldn’t take my eyes off the screen. The moon, Pandora is so beautiful, that it makes me wanna go there and live. But I think our earth was also that beautiful before we decided to take down Mother Nature, just like in the movie (it shows us as villains, which I think is so true). I know that everyone is going gaga about the special effects but I am more bowled over by the concept and the message of the movie. It confirms what I always say, “Destroying Mother Nature is destroying yourself. By destroying her, we are making chances of our existence bleak”.

I have also seen 3-Idiots and I loved it!!! Aamir is THE BEST, he was great in the movie(He says it was Maddy who was awesome in the movie… as if that can ever happen). I haven’t read the book so I cant comment on this whole how similar is it to the book and all… what a shame, there is a topic to debate about and I m not a part of it.

I am now a proud owner of I-pod Nano- 5th generation and get this, its freaking 16 GB… so I m like listening to every song possible and even if I like it remotely, I m downloading it (how else am I gonna fill 14.5 GB… the actual available space). Yeah, I have gone obsessed with it and now it’s become one of my most priced possessions. And oh, I now have a Gap Jacket (which I m wearing right now, as I m having the flu), a hand bag and red converse shoes. So, that’s 4 things off my Santa’s list… wow! I never expected this.

I went on a shopping spree and  I shopped like a maniac, I shopped till I couldn’t shop anymore. I got jeans, 3 tops, accessories like chains, earrings, belts, bangles, many books (now I think of it, I spent way too much money on them… what the hell, my collection has increased :D. Oh, now I own my very own copy of True Colors by my Gilly), Cds and stuff like MJ’s calendar etc.

I have not only spent money on books but also have finished reading some of them already. I have read my first ever Mills and Boons novel and to be frank I am not that happy with it. Either it totally isnt my kind of book or i picked the wrong one.

I love the new MJ’s T, i am wearing right now. I got it free with the ‘This is it’ movie DVD of King of Pop. If you are his fan, this is a must have.

There are two new additions into my Soft toy clan, which already consists of Snoopy, Mr and Mrs. Bear, Tippi (I don’t know how the hell did I come up with that) and others. The two new editions are a bear from Scotland with Scotland quilt on it and I have decided to name it Cherie after the person who gifted it. And also a very very cute (Infact cutest toy of all) dog.

I have had way too many chocolates and ice creams in the past few days. We went out every single day and gorged on food. And thanks to that I have put on weight (I m fat already) and now it’s gonna be that much tougher to loose weight… damn!

I am so totally hooked to ‘How I Met Your Mother’ and ‘The Big Bang Theory’ (thanks to him). I adore Sheldon Cooper, I know he is irritating but he is so cute sometimes. This reminds me I have a few tags pending and few awards to be claimed.

These are just Random Pics I took.

So, all in all I had an amazing 20 days and I am still happy and would have jumped with joy, except that the flu and fever are holding me back. I hope all of you are happy and having awesome days too.

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  1. Jaunty anima Reply to Jaunty

    Hoodibaba..u got ur gifts from Santa..i always knew u were lucky..!!:)

    And seems u had a gala tym with HIM;)

  2. sounds like you've been having so much fun, your immune system has shut down, which just leads to a great excuse to slow things down

    Confession: I saw Avatar twice also…? what is it? Cowboy and indian theme, I thought, but the effects and animation wonderful!

  3. I can even feel your happiness just radiates from this post. Good for you! He should visit again very soon, yes?:)

    Ps. I love Avatar and HIMYM. Barney is my maaaan!:)

  4. Siddhesh 'Ravan' Kabe Reply to Siddhesh

    Aaila…how come Santa gave you to gift and never gave me a jet pack I have been asking for last 24 years…:O


    nice listy… i never saw Avtar, somehow animated films do not apeal a lot…


    I want to live on PANDORA!!! I am going to see this movie for the second time!!! Beautiful! It's going to be one of my favorites movies EVER!!! LOVE IT!!!

  6. blunt edges Reply to blunt

    whoaaaaaaa…u have talked about so many things in one post! its fun knowing so much about one person in a single read 😀

    n is santa just way too generous towards the fairer sex or what? 😉

    neat blog 😀

  7. Sonia Kulkarni Reply to Sonia

    Its Great that you are so happy… I love the shoulder bag of yours :).

  8. My nephew got the 5th generation one for Christmas. He kept rubbing it in how much cooler his was than my 2nd generation, and I tried to say that mine was just as good because it still played music. Truth is I want his if for no other reason than it has a radio and comes in colors other than silver. I guess now I get to be jealous of you, too.

  9. You are so lucky. Santa dint bring me anything this year. I dint like 3 idiots to be frank. I found it ok not as great as everyone says it to be.

  10. wowwww, amazing time you had girl..I didn't like Avatar much but I loved three idiots..:)

  11. Aditi Kaur Reply to Aditi

    I always want to see you this happy. So keep whatever it makes you happy with you.

    You have an award for you in my blog.

    I am suing you as you stole my dogs name.

  12. That 16 GB is going to keep you happy for some time (I know, I have a 30 GB which I use daily on the way to work)

  13. Ohk Gal..Your happiness is contagious!!! I feel mighty kicked now! Am going for shopping and movies tomorrow..
    Ciao 🙂

  14. that's like a dream ride…. 🙂 🙂

    its really nice to hear that you have got some gifts from wishlist.. 🙂 🙂

    Me too blown over by Avatar and I am planning to watch it again…

    3 idiots.. I liked it… but it has more resemblance with book…

    your toy collection is really superb.. I loved them all…

  15. @ Jaunty

    Hehehe… i feel lucky. Yeah, I had an amazing time :).


    Yeah, my immune system is still shut.

  16. @ Andhari

    I would love it, if he were here always :).

    @ Sid

    Santa loves me ;). Oh, its a good movie though… according to me :P.


    Lets pack our bags and move :P.

    @ Blunt Edges

    Welcome and Thanks :). yeah yeah, my Santa is partial to me :D.

  18. @ Sonia

    It is kinda same to the one that you have… aint it?


    Get the new version… its so totally worth it. Its amazing!!! Really!

  19. @ Asha

    Welcome here.

    Aww… thats bad. Santa might make for this next year. You are not the 1st to say that about 3 idiots.

    @ Neha
    Yeah… I had a great time :).

  20. @ Aditi

    I dint steal the name… I am naming it after your and Aravinda's dog :P.

    @ Haddock

    I am finding it tough to fill 16 GB… what do u have in 30 GB one??

  21. @ Ashely

    :)… so did you go shopping?

    @ Kanagu

    I am jumping with joy as your the 1st to like my soft toy clan… Thank you so much.

  22. So now even you are into big bang theory. Please spare me and never talk about it. I already have two obsessed brother of mine torturing. I like your soft toys too.

    You had a great time and i hope you are always this happy :).

  23. Aww Sheldon Cooper..he is soo adorable..I watch The Big Bang theory just for him 🙂

    Cute adorable sweethrt..thatz wat he is 🙂

  24. I like those converse shoes…. and your blog too 🙂

    good job

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