My closet is stacked! I have far too many clothes… Gee! Did I just say that? I never ever thought I would say that. I remember cribbing to my dad every single time we were going to a wedding or a Pooja that I have nothing to wear. Now all of a sudden my closet is so full that I am not finding place to hang a sari. Yes! I have been gifted a sari by my brother for rakhi and my Bday. Why sari you ask… because I have far too many dresses (read salwar – kameez and Kurtis) so I have decided to start a sari collection hence the gift :P. Oh! The sari is very pretty btw.

So now it’s my dad’s turn to crib. Every time that we have to go out I spend hours to decide what I am going to wear, how am I gonna style my hair and what set of bangles will go with the dress(mostly i go with my dad to all traditional places…cant wear a jeans and T and walk :(… cho sad na). Oh yeah! I have a stupid obsession with bangles now, I wear them on Kurtis too and I think it looks really cool. Below is the picture taken during one of my cousin’s wedding. My collection has only grown from then in numbers and also in style :D.

I have decided to shop less and stop myself from buying things that I don’t need and only buy things that I think I can’t live without…. Damn it’s going to be so difficult with every shop having a sale, I will need a lot of will power to stop myself. But this doesn’t mean that I should stop shopping, I can still shop for tops, beads, jewelry, hand bags and sandals. The only 2 things that I hate shopping for, are sandals and hand bags. No, its not like I hate hand bags… I actually have a hand bag fetish. I used to have a row full of hand bags before, it’s just that I have decided to boycott leather along with fur. Fur has been a big No No for ever but after one of my friends sent me a mail with a detailed description of how a leather bag is made.. I freak out even looking at them now. And it’s so difficult to find a non-leather bag that I like. I rather be a fashion victim than sport some innocent animal on me in name of fashion… that’s just not done according to me. And coming to sandals it’s like there is no non leather stuff available, so I buy them rarely and when I buy them I wear them until they are beyond usable.

I am sounding like a shopaholic… ain’t i? To begin with I wasn’t good at it (so I thought). I felt like I have no clue about what looks good and what doesn’t. I never trusted my decision and my selection. I knew what looked good on others but what looks good on me was a huge question mark for me. I relayed completely on others decision like my aunts, dad’s and who ever was with me at that point. But now, I am picky, very picky infact. All my cousins and friends who used to hate the dresses I wore (basically cause they were double my size, never fitted me properly and blah blah) now love what I wear. From like being the most non happening person I have transformed into an atleast some what happening person. And this transformation has taught me something – confidence is what makes you stylish :).

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  1. Sonia Kulkarni Reply to Sonia

    *confidence is what makes you stylish*


  2. hey Harini! thanks for the lovely comment 🙂
    ooohh i'm having a total bangles obsession too at the moment, i can understand that ;D

  3. I somehow never seem to have clothes, and its not the i-am-a-typical-girl-who-never-has-clothes thing, but I really don't. But thank God I have a diva of a sister who very willingly styles me every time I have to go out!

    By the way, the mehendi picture is very pretty!

    Happy shopping! 🙂

  4. hey harini,

    shopaholic me 2 ..

    srsly teling u tat can b a difficult decision 2 not shop!!


  5. @ Mishika

    Lucky you.. your wardrobe just doubles when you have sister and if she is willing to share its even better ;).

    Thanks 🙂

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