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I am really bored so I have decided to take up a tag for which I have been tagged by Guria, Avada Kedavra, Me-Era*.

Ten how’s:

1. How did you get one of your scars?

The scar on my forehead is from when I was jumping up and down and my kitchen shelf (which was made of concrete) hit me.

The scar near my feet is when by mistake I put my feet in the wheel of a cycle (was in second grade).

The scar on my thigh is thanks to a dog bite.

I guess those are the only things that left scars :P.

2.  How did you celebrate your last birthday? With family and friends.

3.  How are you feeling at this moment? I am bored and also in physical pain.

4.  How did your night go last night?

Oh nothing great, just there was water on floor and I ran to open my door, slipped fell down in a weird position pulled a muscle or two, threw the flower vase on my knee. I popped in 2 pain killers but nothing helped.

5. How did you do in high school? I was alright.

6. How did you get the shirt you’re wearing? I got it along the DVD set of ‘This is it’ by MJ.

7. How often do you see your best friend(s)? Very rarely

8. How much money did you spend last month? I have lost count!

9. How old do you want to be when you get married? 22-26.

10. How old will you be at your next birthday? Figure that out… Oh btw, my Bday is in less than a month

Nine what’s:

1. Your mothers name? The name that was used for a Princess in latest Telugu movie that went on to become a huge hit.

2. What did you do last weekend? Shopped, visited relatives and had huge family dinner.

3. What is the most important part of your life? Family and Friends. And also love and happiness.

4. What would you rather be doing? Sitting on my terrace, eating corn and watching the rain.

5. What did you last cry over? Pain I felt last night when ever I tried to move my leg. It still hurts :(.

6. What always makes you feel better when you’re upset? Talking to friends.

7. What’s the most important thing you look for in a significant other? Must be loyal and intelligent.

8. What are you worried about? My career

9. What did you have for breakfast? Puri.

Eight you’s:

1. Have you ever liked someone who had a girlfriend/boyfriend? Not that I know of.

2. Have you ever had your heartbroken? No… I guess I m lucky in that department.

3. Have you ever been out of the country? No

4. Have you ever done something outrageously dumb? Ofcourse!!!

5. Have you ever been back stabbed by a friend? Yes.

6. Have you ever had sex on the beach? No!

7. Have you ever dated someone younger than you? No!

8. Have you ever read an entire book in one day? Yes, if I like a book, I usually complete it in a day.

Seven who’s:

1. Who was the last person you saw? Saritha.

2. Who was the last person you texted? My friend M.

3. Who was the last person you hung out with? With my family.

4. Who was the last person to call you? Dad

5. Who did you last hug? My niece.

6. Who is the last person who texted you? Vodafone people.

7. Who was the last person you said “I love you” to? S.

Six where’s:

1. Where does your best friend(s) live? In a different country

2. Where did you last go? Grocery Store

3. Where did you last hang out? Mall.

4. Where do you go to school? Hyderabad, India

5. Where is your favorite place to be? With people I love.

6. Where did you sleep last night? On my bed.

Five do’s:

1. Do you think anyone likes you? Yeah!

2. Do you ever wish you were someone else? Nope, I am happy with who I am. I don’t like to ape or be anyone else.

3. Do you know the muffin man? Nope

4. Does the future scare you? Sometimes.

5. Do your parents know about your blog? Yeah! I once made my Dad read it but he dint bother much He isn’t so net savvy.

Four why’s:

1. Why are you best friends with your best friend? He is the best.

2. Why did you get into Blogging? I was curious about it.

3. Why did your parents give you the name you have? They had to name me with ‘Ha’ as astrologers said it would be lucky and also because its Goddess Lakshmi’s name.

4. Why are you doing this survey? I am bored and I thought it was fun at first.

Three if’s:

1. If you could have one super power what would it be? Wishful thinking.

2. If you could go back in time and change one thing, would you? Nope,  Because I believe that everything happens for a reason and by changing something I might end up changing lot of things.

3. If you were stranded on a deserted island and could bring 1 thing, what would you bring? A speed boat with full fuel in it.

Two would-you-ever’s:

1. Would you ever get back together with any of your ex’s if they asked you? I don’t have an ex.

2. Would you ever shave your head to save someone you love? Yes, only and only if it saves someone. Just curious, how is gonna save them?

One last question:

1. Are you happy with your life right now? Yes.

Now I want to tag – Insignia, The Rain Crab, Neha, Rajlakshmi, Shilpa Garg, Kanagu, HaRy, Nahl, Shanu, Tbg and Dipti

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  1. I really like your tag!!! super nice and I just like your answers!!! I want to do some tag soon so maybe this will be it!!!!

    how you’ve been doing….?
    and out of curiosity… how old are you???

  2. Ouch!! You sprained your leg!! Take care

    Nicely done tag. 🙂 you do have NOs to certain questions…Hmmm…:-D

    And yeah, I liked your name Harini. 🙂

    Thank you for tagging me 🙂

  3. A dog bite!! Scary!
    Take care and get well soon from the aches and pains!!
    Made for an interesting read!
    Thanks for tagging…will take it up tonight or tomorrow.
    Cheers 🙂

  4. you are the third person who has tagged me for this 🙂 and if there are others too, then I am not aware about them 😛 I have a lot of scars too..hands and legs..got operated for appendix so got the stitch marks as well now 😛

  5. how accident prone are you !!?!? i hope you’re ok now. be careful woman!

    man..so many scars. a dog bite included. Uff ! seriously, be careful!

    thanks for tagging me, i’ll do it soon

    kaafi lamba hai !!

  6. Aaah… u have so many scars…:D

    Holy Cow

  7. good one here…

    don’t worry about career..that’ll go fine 🙂 good luck !

    oh and the one who doesn’t watch Telgu films..how would they know your mothers’ name 😉

    what do you mean by you want to get married at 22-26…you’re not even 22 ?? Don’t give me that…really ?

  8. Fun and interesting Tag! Will do for sure! Real soon too!

    Take care of your legs and aches and pains! Get well soon.

    And Happy Birthday! In a month’s time!

  9. Thanks for doing the tag 🙂 Had fun reading it.. Hope your legs are okay now.. and so many scars.. girl, be careful.. Harini is Lakshmi’s name.. dint know that..

  10. I am waiting for the day when my parents would come to know that i have a blog or i write so much to the extent of so close to publishing a book….will nice to give them this surprise…..just like ur dad, they are also not very net savy!


  11. hi.. nice read… your answers are honest and straight forward… Dog bite scar — sad… and spraining you leg — take care harini… Lovely name… name of a versatile tamil singer…

    I have done this tag too.. It was really time pass.

  12. wow so young .. hmmm sachinnn

    and happy PRE birthday cause i m sure to forget it , I am not good in remembering things 🙂

    nice answers …

  13. thats such a huge tag 😛
    will take it 🙂
    so many scars you are having huh 😀
    even i love watching the rain 😀

  14. wow! quite an interesting tag 🙂
    Helped know more about you 🙂
    Take care 😀 😀

  15. hello! first time on ur blog! I quite like it.
    Vodafone people really do send a lot of texts. Infact I just realised that the last text I received was from them.

  16. This is a maazedaar tag..will defntly take it up!!

    Waise I loved all ur answers! Very honest 🙂

  17. Over frank answers! 🙂 And hence an over frank comment 😛

    Destination Infinity

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