Being a Jurassic Park fan girl, ‘Jurassic World’ was one of my most anticipated movie of this year. I went to watch the movie the same weekend it released and have been basking in its awesomeness ever since.

I think that ‘Jurassic World’ is not just a must watch for Jurassic Park fans but for every movie goer out there. And here are my reasons for the same –

It’s a worthy addition to Jurassic Park franchisetumblr_nq3muv3YFl1toamj8o10_500

As much as I was excited for the movie I was a tiny bit apprehensive too. Jurassic Park, in my opinion, is one the best movies ever made. I wasn’t sure if Jurassic World would be able to do any justice to this brilliant franchise. But after watching the movie I am glad that the movie was made. Jurassic World might not have the same magic that the original had but it manages to recreate some of the magic and transport you to the world that you are in love with. Its definitely a worthy addition to this much beloved franchise.

Chris PrattJurassic-World-Movie-Trailer-GIFs

I hardly knew who Chris Pratt was before watching Guardians of the Galaxy. After that movie I thought Chris Pratt has brilliant comic timing, but I still wasn’t sure if he would be able to pull off a dramatic role. But Jurassic World changed all that. Now I not just think that Chris Pratt is a brilliant actor but I am hoping he plays Indiana Jones in the reboot series. He was charismatic, suited the action and dramatic scenes perfectly and the most likable character in the movie.

It’s a visual treat to the eyestumblr_nflwi8l04y1tdkro1o2_500

Jurassic Park is credited as the movie that put CGI on the map. Jurassic World is the movie that takes  CGI to a whole new level. The movie was a visual treat and few of scenes in the movie blew me away. I know there are a few who think that there was too much use of CGI in the movie but I am not one of those.

The Climax Scene_1427722770

The final showdown in this movie is a perfect climax for a monster movie. Yes, Jurassic World is a monster movie and a very good one at that.

Its Entertaininglandscape-1429546428-jurassic-world-alligator

Jurassic World is a good movie. Yes, it has its own set of problems but when I was watching the movie I thoroughly enjoyed it and dint find anything that was very wrong with it. I even liked Bryce Dallas Howard character, whom I was sure I would dislike. The movie is entertaining and demands and holds your attention. Its only later that you realize its faults.

I am not blind to its negatives but I still highly recommend the movie.

Rating – 4 Stars

4 Stars



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  1. Chris Pratt, in full Indiana Jones mode, is an absolute charmer.

  2. Great movie and you have presented it very well 🙂

  3. I like the way you described the movie. Looking at these pictures itself makes me want to watch one more time. Also as a fan of Dinosaurs I would give 4.5 <3

  4. I am waiting for my son to come back from his boarding school in vacations and we will watch it together then. He is a die-hard fan of Dinosaurs.

  5. I feel like Chris Pratt is always a good reason to watch a movie 🙂 I did have issues with Jurassic World, but I still think it’s an entertaining summer blockbuster!

  6. oooh chris pratt would be such a good choice for indiana jones. i think he’s fabulous, but like you i hadn’t heard of him before guardians of the galaxy. i really enjoyed jurassic world, my husband did not lol.

  7. I’ve been thinking whether to watch this movie or not, now I guess I will. Thanks for the review 🙂

    Destination Infinity

  8. I loved Jurassic Park for it’s special effects but I was really disappointed with the main characters of the movie as in the dinosaurs! I have a deep love for dinosaurs and I felt cheated >.< But still the message of the movie was wonderful – corporate hunger, man's inability to let nature be etc… The movie was worth a shot!

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