The last but one movie countdown post. Just 10 more movies (in other word 1 more post) to go. I m gonna miss these posts :(. I have enjoyed writing the movie posts a lot. I got to watch all my favorite movies again. I don’t know what to write about later… may be Bollywood movie countdown :P. What say? Anyways here are the next 20 –

30) Jaws (1975)

The movie that got me fascinated and scared of Sharks at the same time (the scare I got over, the fascination not yet). This movie is beautifully directed, acted and scripted. This movie’s chillingly, thrilling and gives you goose bumps. It’s a sure Masterpiece that has been tough to match up to.

29) The Hangover (2009)

When u see a movie 5 times in a row for 2 continuous days and yet never get bored but laugh out loud every single time as if its the first time, its more than evident the movie is funny. The Hangover is one the best comedies I have seen. The scene with the Tiger in the bathroom is the best. Bradley Cooper is sexy and he looks HOT in the movie. Zach Galifianakis is HILARIOUS! I really love this movie; I don’t care if other people girls disagree.

28) The Sound of Music (1965)

Its said that its one of the best musicals ever made but I’m not sure about that actually. I like the music no doubt and Julie Andrews has a awesome voice. Its good musical movie but to me what appeals more and makes it my favorite is the plot. The plot is very real, very possible and very beautiful. The acting is amazing too especially by Julie Andrews is splendid.

27) Pretty Woman (1990)

This is such an awesome movie that you never have enough of it. It is very difficult to find people who dont like this movie.  The chemistry between Richard Gere and Julia Roberts is so good. Its like a modern Cinderella story where the girl’s life transforms from rags to riches due a lovely Prince Charming. This in no doubt is THE BEST Julia Roberts movie.

26) Up (2009)

This is such a sweet movie. The old man in this movie reminds me so much of my Grand Pa, not that my Grand Pa was ever grumpy old man, infact he was just the opposite. Anyways, this yet another master piece from Pixar is so sweet, cute and adorable. The relationship between Kurt (the kid) and the gruffly old man is so real and heart warming. Even though the love story of the Carl (old man) and his wife (Ellie) is for hardly 5 minutes… it’s my favorite part of the movie. Their love story is ‘Aww’.

25) Ghost (1990)

From the 1st time I ever saw Ghost it has become my favorite. There is something about this movie that’s magical. The whole love transcends even after death is my kinds. The chemistry between Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze is the best onscreen chemistry in my opinion. You can feel the love they share every time they look into each others eyes. This movie is romantic as well as funny with an engrossing plot. The song ‘O My Love… My Darling, I m hungry for your touch’ I mean ‘Unchained Melody’ is just the perfect icing this yummy cake required :).

24) The Dark Knight (2008)

I m not much into Batman and Superman movies as I like Spiderman (I love the spiderman movie too) better :P. But this movie is an exception for 3 main reasons – Heath Ledger, Heath Ledger and Christopher Nolan. To be very frank when I 1st saw the movie I dint like it much, I only liked Heath Ledger but it was the 2nd time around that I enjoyed this movie more. The movie is brilliant but I think its cause of Heath Ledger that its my favorite.

23) Finding Nemo (2003)

This is the 1st Pixar animated movie I saw (I know they had come up with great movies like – Toy story 1 & 2 and Monsters, Inc. before this but this was my first) and loved. It’s only after watching this movie that I decided to see more movies by them. This movie is funny, touching, brilliant, cute and lovable. The anguish of the character Marlin is real and you can feel it. Every minute of the movie I was cheering for Marlin to find his boy Nemo. Oh, I liked the concept of vegetarian sharks too ;).

22) Pirates of Caribbean (2003)

Ah! Johnny Depp… what can I say about him? He is so seductive that I could hardly concentrate on anything else expect for him… I dint even bother noticing someone like Orlando Bloom. Depp in this move is EXTRAORDINARY… his performance as Jack Sparrow is his best till date. The way he walks, talks and lives the character of Captain Jack Sparrow screams GENIUS. Ofcourse Orlando Bloom, Keira Knightley and Geoffrey Rush are brilliant too but it’s Depp who steals the show. The story Ofcourse is great… I have always been fascinated by Pirate’s life. The adventure of this movie appeals to me. The 1st and 2nd parts are my favorite of the series and can’t wait for 4th.

21) Toy Story Series (1995, 1999, 2010)

If you ask me to pick one favorite among these three movies, I just can’t. Each of these movies is marvelous and as good as its counterparts. Each and every movie has a great story and equally brilliant voice cast that brings these characters alive. I especially love the voices of Tom Hanks and Tim Allen; they as Woody and Buzz are perfect and not in 100 years could you find someone better. In my opinion the reason the movies work so well is because every movie has a very strong, gripping and moving plot that strikes a cord with audiences. Ah! How I love Pixar animations!

20) The Lord of the Rings Trilogy (2001, 02, 03)

I guess you would hardly find anyone who din’t like LOTR. The movies are fantastic and anyone can vouch for that. The direction, the acting, the plot (even with few changes from the book)  is top notch. These are probably few of the best fantasy movies ever made.

19) Goodwill Hunting (1997)

I m one of those people who loved this movie for its realistic script. The character of Will Hunting is very genuine. The script beautifully touches on the psychology of the human brain and our behavior. I m so glad that they decided to make this like they did… A beautiful, touching and heart warming movie rather than a thriller which they had 1st intended to. The sheer brilliance of the script and the acting make this movie my favorite.

18) Pulp Fiction (1994)

This is that movie that made me a fan Quentin Tarantino and that made me watch his other movies. I will go ahead and say it I think that Quentin Tarantino is one the most intelligent film maker I have seen. I love his trademark story lines… they add that punch to the movies. Pulp Fiction is the best movie of his I have seen (haven’t seen Inglorious Basterds yet). The acting and the story are top notch. And for me this whole movie is like a beautiful work of art. And till date I haven’t stopped wondering what the hell was in that briefcase? Any idea?

17) Rear Window (1954)

Out of all the Alfred Hitchcock movies I have seen this is my most favorite. This movie also stars my favorite actor James Stewart (so do many other Hitchcock movies). I saw this movie only recently when one of my friends told me that Disturbia (also another great movie was in my list but got cut in last minute) was loosely based on this movie. This movie is funny, well acted and directed (duh), thrilling and suspenseful. Again I would say one of the best Hitchcock movies.

16) Inception (2010)

I have already gone gaga over the movie in my review here. I loved, loved and loved this movie. This movie is work of a genius with visual treat, intriguing plot and the climax, the acting and Ofcourse my Leonardo Dicaprio. One of the best 2010 movies.

15) Casablanca (1942)

What can I say about this movie that hasn’t already been said? It’s rated as one of the best movies ever made and also the most romantic movie. And this opinion isn’t by just one person but by all most everyone who has seen this movie. I m no different. I vouch for what they say. It’s a beautiful movie in every way.

14) The Godfather (1972)

Yes, I love the book more. Yes, I think the book is better than the movie but I never ever said that The Godfather is a bad movie. Its one of the best movies I have seen. This is a brilliantly acted movie. Every member of the cast gives such strong performances that you can’t help but sit up and notice the movie and build a dam of appreciation. It’s a brilliantly crafted and directed movie. The best part about the 2nd movie is that  Robert De Niro and Al Pacino come together. I haven’t seen the third part though.

13) Some like It Hot (1959)

This movie is the best comedy movie I have seen. It’s a classic masterpiece. The humor, the witty dialogues, the plot (which has been used and reused so many times now), the acting… everything about this movie yells out AWESOME. The chemistry between Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis, and Jack Lemmon is too brilliant. And the lines between Curtis and Lemmon are epic. This movie is one of those everlasting movies that would never be too old to watch.

12) The Silence of the Lambs (1991)

A movie that I avoided watching because some people said it was a horror movie about cannibals and if I saw that movie they would eat me too. And trust me I so naïve that I bought that. It was 2 years ago that I dared to sit and watch this movie. I was so scared at first but as the movie went on I realized I was stupid and also that this movie was more than astonishing. The acting was amazing (no wonder they won ‘best actor and best actress’ awards), the plot is absorbing and Direction is speckles. Its one the best thrillers/ suspense movies I have see without a doubt.

11) Sixth Sense (1999)

One of the most surprising, thrilling, chilling movie ending I have ever seen. The end of this movie just blew me away. The acting by Bruce Willis is top notch. The plot of the movie is intriguing and makes you really think about the world you are really living in and the world that you see. It never once gave me the scare but gave me the chills. And more importantly it left a long lasting impression on me :).

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  1. Am I the first one here! 😀 But Inception should have been in top 10 and The Dark Knight too 🙁 But anyway, I’m excited about the finale 😀

  2. this is the ‘best bunch of movies’ post…and y not…it is going to get better each time…

    hangover & Inception must be in the top ten somewhere…
    I am curious to know the top 10…specially no. 1

  3. Can’t wait to know the top 10 😛
    Love your selection yet again 😀 😀

  4. i love most of em up there.

  5. i could see a lot of my fav movies in the list 😀
    awesome list 😀

  6. Yes 100 hindi movies next..else how do we get to revisit some of our fav. movies.. Lot of movies in this list that I am in love with..

    Waiting for the top 10 🙂

  7. Typing with great difficulty 😛 but just couldnt resist from reading this post 🙂 Inception n Dark Knight will be in top 10 on my list 😀 just looove them both. Many of my all time favs are on this list – Jaws, Hangover, Sound of Music, Pirates of the Caribbean (just looove Jack Sparrow), LOTR too.. Inglourious Basterds was a great movie too..Dint know Disturbia was based on that movie.. have seen Disturbia but not this Hitchcock movie.. Waiting eagerly for top 10 🙂

  8. This list beats the others…I see so many of my favorites here.

    Pirates of the Caribbean, Inception, Jaws, Pretty Woman, Sound of Music, Casablanca,……….Now I am waiting for top 10 🙂

  9. This one isa better list .. The god father All time favourite…
    Pirates of caribbean well first part was good rest not so good..

    Pretty woman :- loved it
    and JAWS now thats a timeless classic..

    this list should have been the top 10 🙂

    Pulpfiction another classic…
    Lord of the rings again part 1 and 3 were good second was boring at places …

    Ghost :- wel lthe song made it eternal

    This would be in my top 20 list for sure

    What we did – Answer

  10. Many of my favourite here….have never been a great fan of animation movies..but then toy story is just an exception to it.

  11. Oh all my favorites are here…. Toy Story, finding Nemo, Pirates of the Caribbean, pretty woman… Especially Up in the air is one of the cutest movie i have seen… Can’t wait for the top 10 now… 🙂

  12. hindi! thats a good idea hahahaha

    andaz apna apna

    ok, ghost is too beautiful

  13. if this is 11 to 30 then what’s in store for last 10? too curious now..please post asap 😛

  14. now i see some of my favourites in the top..but i thing rating hangover above matrix is little heart breaking 😛 …
    But thats ok .. . and i need to see silence of the lambs .. thinking about it from a long time 🙁

  15. I do not like the lord of the rings for the simple fact that it does not end after three hours! Look at Matrix Triology, every movie has a beginning and end eventhough its a part of the triology. I hate any movie that tells me – Come after 9 months to see the next part and after 1.5 years for the concluding part!! Is this a movie or Junoon??? 😛

    Destination Infinity

  16. Finally the much awaited movies are getting listed 🙂
    I’ve seen Sound of Music a zillion times for Julie Andrews! And all the rest of the movies in this list are the “Few of my Favourite things” 🙂

  17. Very well deserved 11-30 list though I would surely have placed Inception in my top 10. Also, do watch Inglorious Basterds- it is QT’s best and a movie that can stake a claim for top 10 (but will probably will fall back to the place where you had Pulp Fiction)!

  18. I just luv luv luv Sound of Music. One of my all time favs, along with My fair lady and Fiddler on the roof 🙂

  19. So Shawshank does it make it to Top 10! Obviously! 😀

  20. I watch Hangover so many times and I never get bored. The movie is addictive. I just love the baby and the tiger so bad hahaha

  21. Its so funny movie that you wont get bored 🙂

  22. The hangover was the most amazing movie i cd have seen as it made me laughed so much….
    Inception is one I so wanna watch
    Casablanca dvd rests on my lappy for ages so high time i catch it.
    I am waiting for more now 🙂

  23. Hi Harini.. really sorry for putting a comment after a long delay.. even though I have read this post long back I wanted to comment after watching few movies from the list.. but couldn’t do 🙁 quite some work..

    So the movies I have seen from the list:

    UP – its a good movie and I liked it 🙂 Loved that lil boy character..

    The Dark Knight – One of the best movies ever made… everything is awesome here.. I love batman and what a treat for me.. Heath Ledger was great and some of the dislogues of Joker were worth pondering over.. will be in my top 10.

    Finding Nemo – very lovable movie 🙂

    Pirates of Carribean – Jhonny Depp just rocked. the way he carried Jack Sparrow.. I can’t think of anybody can do that.. entertainer 🙂

    Toy Story – this is the one of the very few series which has 3 best parts.. Loved them all 🙂

    Pulp fiction – I am bowled over after watching this movie..for the first time I have watched a movie with the starting and ending which are not the start or end. Tarantino is a genius.

    Inception – You would have known now how much I love this movie. Such a complex theme and only Nolan can pulled it off on screen. Movie has such brilliance that its technical details were not discussed much.. it has some wonderful CG…

    The Godfather – It will be in my top 2. Best movie I have ever seen. I have never come across a movie drama which is so gripping. Al Pacino just a perfect don. Such is the power of his eyes. He instills fear in me 🙂 Watch third part too. It is good. Again a great performance by Al Pacino.

    The silence of the lambs – This movie is thrilling. but nothing more than that for me. Maybe the expectation I have set for this movie ruined the watching experience 🙁

    Harini.. if you get sometime watch ‘Dead again’ a good thriller.. 🙂 You may love it..

    • ‘Dead Again’ is now added to my ‘To Watch List’ :).

      Kanagu I know how much you love Inception and Pulp Fiction I have read both the reviews on your blog long time ago :).

      Its better late than never ;).

  24. And I am postponing watching LOTR.. for the reason of reading the book first.. I should do soon 🙂

  25. Pulpfiction briefcase??
    Samuel Jackson says “my boss’ dirty laundry”.
    Marsellus Wallace has a bandage in back of his neck.
    It has Marsellus Wallace’s soul..
    Jules Winnfield quits his gangster life after a miracle but Vincent Vega doesn’t. A pact with devil..
    I watched this movie over 50 times, I got a different ideas from each view..
    If u watch it over and over, I m sure it will climb to No.1 spot in ur list.

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