This is a guest post by my friend Sonia.

Cast – Rani Mukerji, Shahid Kapoor, Anupam Kher, Rakhi Sawant (why?), Sherlyn Chopra (a bigger why?)

Director – Anurag Singh

I am just back from watching the movie Dil Bole Hadippa. My friends had to drag me to watch this movie, as I could predict the story and even few dialogues. I told them exactly how this movie would go on and even the ending and I was apt with my predictions. It’s a typical YRF with Punjabi culture, a lot of singing and dancing, Sugar cane fields, lots and lots of lassi, patriotic sentiment, a message and ending with a bashan (lecture)  and how can I forget the mention of DDLJ. That’s a typical YRF if you ask me.

This movie is loosely based on Hollywood movie ‘She is the man’, which btw is a good movie. Rani plays the character of Veera who is feisty, cricket crazy girl who is a part of Drama Company… why don’t ask me. She dreams of playing with the likes of Dhoni and Sachin one day. She lives in a village which once a year plays cricket with Pakistan for the Aman cup, which ofcourse we always loose (if we won, there wouldn’t be a need for movie). So the owner of the team Anupam Kher calls his son Rohan (Shahid Kapoor) who takes up the task of coaching the team, as well as the captaincy. The cricket crazy Veera now decides to disguise as a sardar boy named Veer and joins the team.

This movie is being hyped as Rani’s come back but I really think it won’t do anything great to her career. The saving grace of the movie is Shahid Kapoor whose pairing with Rani isn’t as bad as I thought. Even now I fail to understand the need of Rakhi and Sheryl girl…. If it’s for exposing then Rani has already covered with her bikini act, hasn’t she? Even though Rani looks alright in the bikini, I much prefer her in salwars and patialas. The movie is watchable but it’s too predictable but the saving grace of movie is the romance. I preferred Veer over Veera. Rani acts very well as Veer and its pretty obvious that she went through training to play shots like that. I have one major complaint, why is YRF banner so obsessed with Punjabi culture. India had many more cultures and traditions and once in a while venturing into some other culture wouldn’t be that bad.

I would say the movie is average and would rate it two and half stars.

Ratings – Two and half.

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  1. Going by ur review i better avoid this movie 🙂
    I dunno why they try out the same masala again & again…..

    WE deserve better movies then these…

    nice review yaar 🙂
    hey btw my blog is also about movies 🙂
    i wud be happy if u cud drop by & leave ur comments 🙂

    I love ur blog ,u have a new follower 🙂

    keep blogging

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