Ok… I am not in love with it but it wasn’t all that bad. Yeah, yeah its one of those typical love stories which is way too predictable yet somehow it feels fresh.

The story is pretty simple. The boy (J played by Imran Khan… who btw is amazing) is a Casanova who flirts with any and everyone and doesn’t believe in love. The girl (Simran played by Sonam Kapoor) is a hopeless romantic, who believes in true love and has found her Mr. Right in her childhood pal. The boy meets the girl, flirts with her and the girl falls for him even though he is the wrong guy. Will the girl go with Mr. Right who is perfect in every way or the Boy who is not perfect and wrong yet makes her feel alive? I guess we all know who gets the girl here.

The thing I liked the most in the movie is that Karan Johar had enough guts to produce a movie that mocks his own style of movie making.

The acting in the movie is top notch. The lead pair of Imran and Sonam looks awesome and their chemistry just makes the movie that such more better. The fat friend played by Kevin Dave and Samir Soni as a spoof of ace directors like Karan Johar himself are brilliant and funny (at times). I dint like Sameer Dattani as Raj… he looked very stiff.

As a first time director Punit Malhotra does a good enough job. He gave the movie a fresh feel in terms of narrative and style and laces it with some extremely laugh out loud one liners. But the thing that lacks is the story. The story could have been better. I know it’s a funny take on the typical love stories but it could have been less predictable.

Even though the movie is fun and first half is fast paced, you feel like few scenes in second half have been dragged more than necessary.

The screenplay and the editing of the movie weren’t that good. But the cinematography is good.

I personally like the music of this movie and the songs in the movie have been placed at the right times rather than just throwing them in there.

If you are one of those persons who likes chick flicks, cheesy love stories, Imran Khan and predictable movies with happy endings you will like the movie. If you don’t belong to any of the above categories, avoid the movie.

Rating – 3 ½ out of 5… half only and only for Imran Khan. He was superb in the movie.

PS – I am eagerly waiting for the movie Aisha.

PPS – Why doesn’t someone cast Imran and Ranbir together in a movie? It would surely be worth a watch.

PPPS – If you havent guessed it yet, I am a hopeless romantic who loves love stories with happy endings 😳 .

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  1. decent review, the makers of the movie will be happy with it , you have been fair 🙂

    i’m looking fwd to aisha for abhay deol, though i doubt he’ll have a lot to do…it seems like a very girlygirl movie..

    let’s see. i haven’t read Emma, the book it’ based on. so i might just like Aisha. usually, the movies based on the books disappoint the person who’s read the book

  2. thanks for the review harini….. real swell pics btw… wil try to watch it…:)

  3. Nice but I still dont think its worth a watch in the theatre…neither will be Aisha I think though it looks all glam. 🙂

    I am waiting for Once upon a time in Mumbai! 😀

  4. Seems like a nice movie 🙂

  5. I liked the way you reviewed. Just one sentence is enough for me to re-think about my decision of not watching this movie. – Karan Johar had enough guts to produce a movie that mocks his own style of movie making.

    I was apprehensive about the same. I cant relate with K Jo’s movies. Its too unrealistic. And I heard this movie was average. So decided to skip. Now with your review, I shall reconsider.

    And yeah. Ranbir and Imran will make good partners in crime 😛

  6. hmm, sounds like a regular movie..I am not a K Jo movie fan – be it anti K Jo style..so i guess I will give this a miss 😛

  7. Hey u know I wanna watch this movie…!! but no o ne else wants to watch it.. me too a romantic movie buff like u.. 😛 🙂 😉

  8. Even I loved the movie… the humour and the spoof of SRK movies was brilliant… a fresh treat I must say 😀

  9. this is the first one i am hearing about this movie…everybody else is saying that it is totally crap..but i think in bollywood movies if you don’t keep your expectations very high, you have a good chance of enjoying the movie..anyways..stumbled casually here …great blog you have here..keep the good stuff coming in 🙂


  10. cool review…n i thought the movie was fun…thanks to kavin dave…boy that guy is hilarious!

    can’t stand the lead actors though 😐

  11. another good review for this film… 🙂

    I will watch this film with subtitles later 😀

  12. I went for this movie too, turned out just watched Sonam Kapoor! 😛

    And yes I could give 6/5 to her, she looks good! That does count.. Yeah! 😀

  13. Very well reviewed…and I couldn’t agree more on the points that you’ve presented…specially that KJo mocked his own movies in a way 🙂

    Kevin Dave was fab I guess !

    Me too waiting for ‘Aaisha’ !

  14. nice review! thanks for the sharing! I must see a movie soon! I am craving for a good love story!!!

  15. I am waiting madly for Aisha, too!!!! It’s gonna be beautiful…I hope.
    And yes, omG the idea of ranbir and imran is so good. Especially if they’d be paired with Deepika and Sonam. Too good! Like how k3g was.

  16. I did not like this movie…Had typed out a not so nice review in draft…Where it lies till this day, gathering dust… 😐

  17. somehow that doesnt get me excited about watching it 🙂

    i guess it is the stubborn me !!!

  18. nice review… al i have to say i hate luv storys but i live sonam kapoor.. 🙂

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