I and my friend both are hardcore John Abraham’s fans. So, it’s a no brainer that when I said movie yesterday I meant ‘New York’. But we being us, we took forever to get ready and get started and as always ended up being late with no tickets available. She was so disheartened, she wanted to go home and sulk. I, on the other hand wanted to watch ‘Angels and Demons’ as I was the only one who hadn’t seen it yet. So, I forced her to buy 2 tickets in the last but one row (as a result, I have a neck sprain) for the movie which she had swore never to watch (she isnt into all such movies and books).

Before going into the movie, I just want to say that, I am totally against making books into movies. I don’t think that a 3 hour long movie can make any justice to 500 pages books. I hardly find any movies that come even close to the book let alone being as good as it. Only few movies like the God Father come even close to the books they are based on. Other movies like Twilight make the books look bad.

So, now you know that when I actually went to see this movie I had zero expectations and may be that worked in its favor. Yeah, I did like the movie and I did enjoy watching it. I who love the book and think its one the best books I have read till date wasn’t all that disappointed. The movie in no way reaches up to the level of the book especially in the information part. The book is very interesting, as Dan Brown has done a lot of research had has narrated the whole thing in such a way that you would hardly want to keep the book down. The movie on the other hand is more of action with spectacular visuals and scenery of Rome. The mystery part was there but as I have read the book before… it was a no mystery to me. For my friend it was a mystery, she kept on asking me what happens in the end and I had to keep sshing her. The character as vital as Victoria Langdon was reduced to side kick with nothing much to do in the film, which is kinda disappointing. The best part of the movie for me was TOM HANKS.

I am a huge Tom Hanks fan and love him to core along with Leonardo Dicaprio. I like him as Forrest Gump in Forrest Gump, Andrew Beckett in Philadelphia, Chuck Noland in Cast Away, Joe Fox in You’ve Got Mail, Agent Carl Hanratty in Catch me if you can (which is one of my favorites as both my favorite actors come together), Sam Baldwin in Sleepless in Seattle and now as Robert Langdon in Da Vince Code and Angels and Demons. I think that he has the capacity to make any role his own (in Bollywood, I think Aamir does that). Being an Tom Hanks fan I loved the movie, being a book lover I like the movie. The movie isn’t as spectacular as the book but for sure its worth a watch. And Tom Hanks as always delivers his best in acting arena.

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