I came across these Twilight pick up lines in Facebook. I thought few of them are funny, so I am posting them here.

Edward Cullen’s pick up lines –

I have a private island. Wanna see it?

“Pardon me Miss. I…uhh…hello? Dang it! She fainted again. Why can’t I stop dazzling people?”

Cullen. Edward Cullen. (Harini and just Harini :P)

Hi, I’m Edward. I can be the super hero or the bad guy.

I play the field. And it looks like I just hit a home run with you.

“I’m an addict. Will you be my heroin?”

“Have you been drinking? Or do I intoxicate you?”

Hi. The voices in my head just told me to come talk to you.

“My sister can see the future. Let me give you a clue, it’s Me + You.”

Am I dead? Because I think I just met an angel. (So damn cheesy)

Emmett Cullen’s pick up lines –

I may be from Tennessee but you’re the only ten I see! (Wow)

Wanna see me crush a boulder?

I’d love to see how many houses we can smash.

You’re into cars? I make one heck of a jack.

Wanna cuddle? I’ll be your teddy bear.

(To a blonde) My brother may prefer brunettes, but I know blondes have more fun…

I hear hell isn’t bad if you get to keep an angel with you- could I take you with me?

Did it hurt when you fell from heaven? Because with a face like that, you must be an angel.

Wanna be my monkey woman? (huh)

You’re no irritable grizzly but right now I’m eating you up.

Jasper Cullen’s pick up lines –

You seem a little tense. Would you like a chill pill or just a hit of me?

How are you feeling? Oh, wait, don’t tell me … let me guess.

I must really be dead, Angel, ‘cause this has to be heaven!

It’s not my fault I fell in love. Your emotions are what tripped me.

Your lips may say no, but your endorphins say yes.

I can feel the love tonight … wanna share?

My name is Jasper…but you can call me Dr. Feelgood.

I know exactly how you feel. Wanna know how I feel?

So…did you ever hear the saying ‘everything’s bigger in Texas’?

Hey, Darlin’, do you want to see my battle scars?

Jacob Black’s pick up lines –

“Wanna see my reservation?”

“Will you be the mother of my puppies?”

“I give a whole new meaning to ‘Animal Attraction’”

“Wanna play a game? You can be Little Red Riding Hood and I’ll be the Big Bad Wolf.”

“So…how do you feel about dogs?”

“You look imprintable…I mean uhh…impeccable in that outfit”

“Hey baby, need a mechanic for that finely tuned body?”

“You look cold. Want to use me as a blanket?”

“I can go from furry to naked in 1.3 seconds”

“You know what they say, right? Once you go Black you never go back.”

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  1. Aditi Kaur Reply to Aditi

    I like Jasper's lines the most. Might have actually fallen for one of them :))

  2. hahaa…dat was a fun post…
    in d real story i feel Jacob is d most acceptable one..:P

  3. I know exactly how you feel. Wanna know how I feel?
    liked it very much..
    keep coming with such innovative ideas….

  4. I loved Edward and Jake's lines!!! They were totally cool!!! Just for the records, are you suffering from Twilight withdrawal symptoms??

  5. o wow.

    those r kickass pick up liners

    i luv interpreting doubled meanings


  6. LMFAO! the Jacob ones are absolutely hilarous hahaaha!

    sent you the ebooks sweetie. let me know if you got them okay?

  7. Sourav !!! Reply to Sourav

    Have seen the movie thrice, read the book twice … and I just so well know what double meaning some of them had 😉

    Nicely collected collection 🙂

    keep blogging and come to my blog too, REGULARLY 😀

  8. @ Rimz

    I love Jake… I loved his part of the book most in Breaking Dawn 🙂

  9. @ Nupur

    Totally! If you are still planning on opening a twilight Rehab… I would be 1st to join 😛

  10. Hahahaha because shavasan is so challenging right ;P

    did i get it right?i tried re-sending

  11. Hopeless Romantic Reply to Hopeless

    i have read so much about this man on blogs in the past few days…that i hate him….but this one cracked me up completely….

  12. Hopeless Romantic Reply to Hopeless

    i was talking about edward cullen

  13. @ Amit

    hehhe… you are not alone.

    All most all my guy friends hate him 😛

  14. Kunal Sharma Reply to Kunal

    The lines were funny but i hate Twilight.

  15. haven read the book or watched the movie:( but almost everyone seems to be blogging about it.. must catch up with it..

    extremely hungry ur fishes r i must say:D

  16. @ Harini: the Twilight Rehab plan is on!!! I'm just waiting for the cloud cover on Mumbai to go….so that there'll be no hopes of Edward Cullen whatsoever!

  17. team edward Reply to team

    omg !! i love the jacob ones 🙂

  18. HAHAHAHHA!!!!

    Now THIS post i absolutely adored! 😀 😀 😀


  19. OMG, Team edward whoooooooooooooo xxxxx
    i didnt realise tht vampiers were so hot
    yummy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  20. hi,edward u r so sweeeet. luv edwards words…….. he is so caring 4 bella…….

  21. Lol never read anything like this before awesome post..:)



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