Raining Books!

Its raining… finally the weather here is awesome. It’s just like I want it cold and romantic *sighs*. The only problem is that when ever I plan on going out it starts to rain and on top of it gets dark pretty early, so I am stuck at home the whole day. When I am home and have nothing to do the best way to spend time for me is reading a book while listening to your favorite music and that’s what I have been doing for the past few days. I have read 3 books and this blog is

“Are you really sure”, Nupur asked me for the100th time.

“Yes”, I said turning back and giving her a smile of confidence. The smile was plastered on my face. I was sure it didn’t fool neither Nupur nor Ajay. I have never been a good actress. And these two people in the car with me could see through me.

“Atleast let me come with you”, ajay pleaded.

“Nope. I want to do this on my own”, and besides I dint want my parents to focus their temper on him. It was me who they should be mad at. It was

My closet is stacked! I have far too many clothes… Gee! Did I just say that? I never ever thought I would say that. I remember cribbing to my dad every single time we were going to a wedding or a Pooja that I have nothing to wear. Now all of a sudden my closet is so full that I am not finding place to hang a sari. Yes! I have been gifted a sari by my brother for rakhi and my Bday. Why sari you ask… because I have far too many dresses (read salwar – kameez and Kurtis)

I am feeling much much better than before!! Yippee! That means i don’t have Swine Flu, double yippee! All the talk of swine flu really got me scared, i spent like hours and hours googling about it checking if i had its symptoms. I generally hate taking tabs but this time around i dint complain, i wanted to get better as soon as possible. The reason i caught on the flu and fever was change in the weather and also lack of rest but you know this Swine Flu is really scary. So many have lost their lives cause of

Busiest Week

Argh! I hate falling sick, I really do.  And falling sick just before my birthday was even more frustrating (So this post is going to be a small one). I had to cancel all my plans because I was forbidden from eating out. My dad is not even letting me have my own birthday cake as it would increase my stupid cough. He is also calling me after every 4 hours and reminding (forcing would be a better word) to pop the tabs that are so god damn bitter. I hope that popping them will prove to be atleast a

ABC Post

Yippee!!! My 1st ever tag :P. Its just what i needed. I really had no clue what to blog about as my life is not so happening at the moment. Thanks Ash. Anyways I know rules make anything boring but i have been asked to do it. So here are the rules-

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2) Post the rules on your blog.

3) Share the ABCs of you.

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