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Yippee!!! My 1st ever tag :P. Its just what i needed. I really had no clue what to blog about as my life is not so happening at the moment. Thanks Ash. Anyways I know rules make anything boring but i have been asked to do it. So here are the rules-

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“When are you guys planning on telling me the truth”, I asked when me, Pooja and Ajay were alone. Ajay had been home for 2 days now but I never got an opportunity to ask him what’s going on between him and Poo. We were surrounded by relatives who were here expecting gifts and few left disappointed. Other wise dad and Kaushik were around. I dint want to ask them in front of him.

“What truth”? Ajay asked innocently.

“The truth that you and Poo are seeing each other since 4 years”, I yelled. Their jaws dropped but I dint

“Why are you girls so calm”, Pa asked serving himself some curry.

“Nothing”, we both answered in unison. After our little fight we hardly spoke.

“Really”, Pa asked looking at me narrowing his eyes and I had a feeling as if he was trying to see through me. Now I finally know where Ajay gets that expression from. Ajay looked a lot like his mum except for his eyes. Nupur on the other hand looked like a female version of her dad, a more beautiful version. Her looks were something a guy could kill for. She had a height and



Finally I and my dad went out and got a new monitor. So now I can be old Harini and stay online 24*7, chat through the whole day and night and may be even blog more regularly. I am happy camper now and I hope that this monitor atleast likes me. Yes! I did say likes me. My old monitor hated me. You might think I am crazy but that monitor tortured me for 2 months. It never worked properly when I was using it. It would go blank or lines would appear out of no where and whole screen


I always thought that staying at home would be relaxing but boy I was wrong. Staying at home and having nothing to do is really frustrating and that too when you have just graduated and are trying to figure out next step. What’s even more frustrating is that all of a sudden I am centre of the universe. Everyone from my relatives to friends to people on road are interested to know what am I up to and give suggestions completely ignoring my plan. So as I am locked up in my home with nothing much to do I am


I and my friend both are hardcore John Abraham’s fans. So, it’s a no brainer that when I said movie yesterday I meant ‘New York’. But we being us, we took forever to get ready and get started and as always ended up being late with no tickets available. She was so disheartened, she wanted to go home and sulk. I, on the other hand wanted to watch ‘Angels and Demons’ as I was the only one who hadn’t seen it yet. So, I forced her to buy 2 tickets in the last but one row (as a result, I