It was difficult to hold cam (my mobile)  in one and snap another hand 😀

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Taj Mahal
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  1. Wow!! This is amazing creativity!! :)
    Liked the way they are holding each other!! :)

  2. this is amazing :) lovely art :)

  3. that is so cuteee 😀 and very creative 😀

  4. I have seen it and loved it :)

  5. Haha 😀 Cute one! Welcome to the WW bandwagon… :)

  6. Beautiful click. Art chala baagundi.

  7. So cute!! They are so lovey-dovey and so much in love :-)

  8. :) nice one I am .. and the JAFFFFIIIIIIIIIIIIII a much needed thing yayyyyyyyyyyyyy :)

  9. yep.. like all said it’s cutee! :) creative!

  10. Hello Sweetheart! I know its been a while, I may be working on a new blog which will be exclusive to fabulous chica’s or may start reblogging on sassychica, either way you should be hearing from me soon!

    Sassy Chica

    Oh my how I have missed you!

  11. its shooooooooo cute…….. I m gonna try that on my fingers too..!! :)

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