“Enjoyed the match Harini”, my friend asked me yesterday.

“It was ok”.

“Ok?? You kidding me?? It was brilliant. It was such a close finish… like you always prefer them”.

“I still dint like it”.

“Why”? He asked me with so much of confusion that I went ahead and explained him why for an hour.

I won’t deny that I did enjoy the match. I enjoyed how close Sri Lanka came to chasing down 414… I loved it when Sehwag, Dhoni, Sachin, Sangakkara and Dilshan batted. I loved watching the amount of boundaries and sixes scored. I liked the nail biting finish it had.

But my basic problem was the bowling. No, I won’t go and blame the bowlers. What are they supposed to do when they are given a dead pitch… that neither assists the spin bowling nor seam bowling? There was a time when scoring above 300 was a big deal. But now, teams score 400 and still the other team can chase it down. If someone says the quality of bowling has gone down… I would completely disagree. I would say the quality of pitches has gone down all over the world.

People want to see high scoring games and curators make pitches to satisfy the crowd. But has anyone thought how dishearting it is for a bowler? He goes out there he bowls his heart out yet they get no help from the pitch. I miss watching good bowling. I enjoy watching a good bowling as much I enjoy watching a 4. But with the current pitches, the bowler can bowl a good line and length and expect that the batsmen to commit a mistake. I won’t deny that I am sucker for high scoring games but all I ask is some contest between bat and ball, not just bat and bat.

Anyways, moving on to much happier things… India is No. 1 in test rankings. Yippee… for any cricket fan they would know how much that means as test cricket is the real cricket. Too bad that we don’t play it as often as we should and what’s worse is that India have just 2 tests coming up and I really don’t know how are they going to hold on to their position. As I speak Australia and South Africa both are playing test cricket against West Indies and England respectively. And South Africa seems to be doing well.

We all have celebrated, hailed the current Indian team for achieving this feat that none achieved before. But I would like to name some who aren’t a part of the team at the moment yet had a huge role to play. And those two would be my Dada… Sourav Ganguly and Anil Kumble. Sourav took over as a captain after a debacle and he built a team, he made the Indian team what it is today. It was during his tenure that he got in young players. He believed we could be No.1, so he and John Wright worked towards it. He is the most successful after Indian had who has won 21 test matches. Coming to Kumble, he is one of the best blowers India has produced. Also during his short tenure as the captain, he did well.

PS- I think that Srikanth may be right… I am getting obsessed with Cricket. I think about it, talk about it and now even dream about it.

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  1. oh yaaaaa!! i always said that wat can bowlers do on a dead pitch! and yep DADA built this team!!!! wish he had played some more! damn vengsarkar!

  2. Akshat Sharma Reply to Akshat

    I agree. But do you think people would enjoy to watch a match in which 220 runs are scored and still the opposition struggles because the ball is doing stuff? The answer would be NO, because people want games with more runs. I dont think people would mind even if 500 runs are scored and the blowers are trashed all over the park.

  3. Hopeless Romantic Reply to Hopeless

    well ODI and T20 are for batsmen, test cricket is for bowlers……n don't worry SA is coming to play 2 test matches in Feb-march, so we can still work towards no.1 slot….the most credit for making this team should go to Ganguly and noone else, he identified the right individuals..he gave us Zaheer, bhajji, Nehra and Sehwaag……

  4. Jaunty anima Reply to Jaunty

    Harini…Dada was one helluva player, team leader..Though Dhoni may be doing well…But he can never take the credit of building this team…Dada started frm scratch n Look today India is No.1!!
    M an ardent cricket fan too.. n can well unnerstand ur feelings!!:)
    Enjoyed the post!!:)

  5. yeah… I had the same thought has yours… why the pitches are so dead with nothing in it… no spin.. so extra bounce.. just true making the things easier for batsmen..

    the game is really good… a real close finish…

    and for test no.1, we deserved it for some consistent winning in the last 2 years… but no one can take credit from Dada and Kumble for the way they build the team… but why we are reluctant to mention Dravid who captained between both of them????

    and the happy news is, South Africa while travelling here going play some 2 tests and 3 ODIs instead of 5 ODIs.. 🙂 A reason to smile for us…

  6. good point put forward! i never really thought that way…


  7. @ Hary

    Yeah… he ruined Dada's career.


    I agree but even 300 with some help for bowlers is a good enough match. Dont you think?

  8. @ Amit

    I know that Odi is for batsmen but all i ask is for some chottu sa contest between bat and ball.. dont forget yuvi also 😛

    @ jaunty

    True… Dada built this team :). Good to meet another Dada and cricket fan :).

  9. @ Kanagu

    I know Dravid also did a good job… I dint take his name as he is still doing the job for India. If not as a captain as a batsmen and he was one of the persons cause of whom we could save the 1st test :).

    yeah, its gonna be very interesting to see India and SA battle it out. 2 teams that i love :).

    @ Neha


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