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India and South Africa are out, can you believe that? The teams what were on the top in the ODI rankings are out and have just managed a single win!! I am not at all happy that two of my favorite most teams are out of the tournament. These were teams I was rooting for, hoping and praying for their victory and they dint even make it to semis. I was rooting for Pakistan for the 1st time againstAustralia, That’s how desperate I was for India to make it through.

To be very frank, I wasn’t that confident about our

First Crush

Year 2000

She closed her book and looked out of the train’s window. She could see things passing by but before she figured what they were, they were gone. Even though a part of her was very enthusiastic to embark this journey, the other part of her played a bummer. That part longed to be on her comfortable bed watching FRIENDS or Full House, she wanted to go to park and play with her friends, Gossip and also continue her dance practice for the surprise birthday program for one of her friend. And now, she was going to miss the

Lazy Day…

I feel so lazy today. I feel like doing nothing. I thought of updating my blog and started writing from 12 but was lazy to continue.

Then I opened Microsoft word to work on my 2 stories (yes, started to write a second one… as if 1st is a best seller) and then closed them. Don’t feel like.

Then I logged on to Facebook to play restaurant city & pet society then thought otherwise. So decided to take quizzes but they were so weird that I could hardly understand the question let alone answer. The quality of the quizzes has

It took a lot of time for me to digest the fact that King of Pop was no more. I grew up listening to his songs and I was at a point of time crazily in love with his black or white. I wouldn’t get the lyrics of the song so I would just make up my own lyrics and sing it and scream Black or White as I sure I am getting those two words right atleast. My Grand Pa was a huge fan of his dance and I remember trying to dance like him. His music I think

Yippee! We won!! DC are the Champs!! Gilly is the Golden Player!

The match started with my worst nightmare i.e to see Gilly get out for a duck. I know lighting doesn’t strike twice but i was so hoping it does. Its said that cricketers are superstitious. Like Sachin wearing his left pad first, dada carrying a pic of his guru in his pocket. I remember Sachin staying in the bathroom and staying put there till the end of match as things had turned around in our favor when is was in the bathroom. I don’t think that cricket fanatics

I am so happy!! My TV is back and thankfully at the right time. I got to see The Unleashed Gilly yesterday night. I had not seen him play like that in a long. Actually I was on phone with one of my friends and we wanted Gilly to come out with the squash ball in his glove and just blaze off like he did in the world cup final. Well he dint need the ball to it anyways. What an innings man!! I just could not take my eyes of the screen. Damm! Every bowler looked so clueless while