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Hey Guys.

I can’t believe that May is here already. It feels like it was just yesterday that I was saying ‘I can’t believe its April already’. This year has been running very fast and I am struggling to catch up with it.

April was once again a busy and one of the best months of my life. Yeah, I am not liking the summer and the heat but everything else has been beautiful.

Catching Up with Friends

In the month of April, I finally found time to catch up with my friends over drinks. Meeting them made me realize …

He’s my best friend,

He taught me what unconditional love is,

He picked me up every time I was down,

He made my laugh through my thickest tears,

He sacrifices and expects nothing in return,

He gives me strength to carry on,

He is my personal Santa fulfilling my every desire and dream,

His love for me has no boundaries,

He made me the women I m today,

Yet I will always be his ‘Little Girl’.

Today is my Dad’s Birthday. During my birthday this year my Dad said to me that he never ever cut a cake in his

Mr. Poke A Nose

Few days ago my Dad came home all huffing and puffing combined with worry. I asked him the reason. That’s when my Dad told me about; well let’s call him Mr. Poke a Nose as he loves poking his nose where it doesn’t belong. Apparently Mr. Poke Nose lives in my colony and had given me many toffees when I was young. I tried pretty hard to jerk my memory but I couldn’t remember him a wee bit, so I concluded that he was such a pain that my brain has blocked all his memories.

Anyways, Mr. Poke a Nose

Happy Diwali!!

I know this post is kinda late… but hey, Diwali is not yet over, so officially I am in time :D. This post is going to be a pretty short one as I am just home (you guessed it right, I entered the home and 1st thing I am doing is blogging) from my Aunt’s place and I am tired, happy and tummy full.

The day began with Puja of Goddess Lakshmi and then moved on to peat-Puja. My Aunt is a great cook. She made my Favorite Gojju Pulihora in other words Tamarind Rice and it tasted so yum.

I love rain… I the love smell of soil when it rains; I love the rain drops moving down my skin tickling me on their way. I love the whole feel of rains but not today. I was singing and praying –

‘Rain, rain go away,

Come again another day,

Harini wants to go out,

Rain, rain go away’.

I even tried to bribe rain God saying – “I will go and break a coconut in the temple tomorrow, if it stops raining”. As usual, me being the God’s favorite child, it rained harder. It rained until all my plans

Busiest Week

Argh! I hate falling sick, I really do.  And falling sick just before my birthday was even more frustrating (So this post is going to be a small one). I had to cancel all my plans because I was forbidden from eating out. My dad is not even letting me have my own birthday cake as it would increase my stupid cough. He is also calling me after every 4 hours and reminding (forcing would be a better word) to pop the tabs that are so god damn bitter. I hope that popping them will prove to be atleast a