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Hey Guys.

I can’t believe that May is here already. It feels like it was just yesterday that I was saying ‘I can’t believe its April already’. This year has been running very fast and I am struggling to catch up with it.

April was once again a busy and one of the best months of my life. Yeah, I am not liking the summer and the heat but everything else has been beautiful.

Catching Up with Friends

In the month of April, I finally found time to catch up with my friends over drinks. Meeting them made me realize …

Me: This is the first official Guest Post on my Blog. And it comes from a non-blogger, writing for the very 1st time. What makes me happy is that it comes from one of my closest and treasured friend Viraj. To know more about him, read the post… As simple as that :).

OK I am a bit confused as to what should I write as I am new to it, I am  kinda confused as to why people write blogs & my dear friend HARINI asked me to write a guest post on her blog so am

I am Awesome!

When I was in my 2nd grade my teacher conducted a memory test. She put 10 things on a chair, outside the class room and every student was given a minute to memorize them. Then we had to list down the 10 things. I can proudly say that I was one of the two students who had got all the 10 things right. Since then, I have always been kinda proud of my memory. I know it’s not an extraordinary memory or a photographic memory like Sheldon but its good enough. Its remembers things that I want to remember