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The last but one movie countdown post. Just 10 more movies (in other word 1 more post) to go. I m gonna miss these posts :(. I have enjoyed writing the movie posts a lot. I got to watch all my favorite movies again. I don’t know what to write about later… may be Bollywood movie countdown :P. What say? Anyways here are the next 20 –

30) Jaws (1975)

The movie that got me fascinated and scared of Sharks at the same time (the scare I got over, the fascination not yet). This movie is beautifully directed, acted and …

Lets pick up from where we left off –

50) You’ve got a Mail (1998)

Such a beautiful movie this one is. When I 1st saw the movie I loved it no doubt but was wondering if falling in love online real but now I know it’s for real :P. Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan share a great chemistry in this movie too. They are such brilliant actors that they just light up the screen. The movie is so likeable, sweet and romantic. I like Meg Ryan’s hair style in this movie. It was hard to pick between this movie …

I m loving my ‘Top 100 Movie Countdown’ posts. The best part of this is that I am watching all my favorite movies all over again and that’s making me real happy. This time instead of going with just 10 movies, I have decided to go with 20. I m way too excited to be that patient to reach Top 10. I want to reach there as soon as possible. And also because I m getting too confused as there are way too many good movies to just pick 100. So, for a change here are next 20 movies –…

Here comes the 3rd part –

80) Little Manhattan (2005)

This movie so so so cute and adorable that you can’t help but go ‘aww’ while watching it. The love story of the two 10 year olds brings back all those tingly, butterflies flying, birds chirping, sun shining, romantic tune humming, memories back to you. If you are a hopeless romantic like me, see this movie you will love it!

79) Mrs. Doubtfire (1993)

Robin Williams is an amazing actor. He can make you laugh or cry with his roles. In this movie he is hilarious and I dont think

Lets continue from where we left off the last time –

90) 50 First dates (2004)

When I put this movie in my ‘My favorite Romantic movie’ many disagreed with me. But I like this movie. Its sweet, romantic and I like the plot of the movie. I think the main reason I m so into this movie is that even though she doesn’t remember anything, she remembers him and dreams about him. It might not be the best movie ever made but it’s my favorite.

89) Clueless (1995)

This is one my favorite teenage movie. I remember

It’s been so long since I posted something and it’s not because I m going through some kind of writers block or a busy life but it’s just because of my laziness. Anyways, I have decided to stop being lazy and get back to posting. And when I was thinking about what to post I had an idea of making another list (yes, yet another list). This time I have decided to make a list of My Favorite Movies… in other words Top 100 Movies according to me. And here are my 100 – 91 movies.

100) Miss. Congeniality