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You guys by now know that I a movie buff and love watching movies. What you guys might not know is that, I use way too many quotes (dialogues) from movies in real life. So when Neha tagged me asking to list down my favorite dialogues from Hollywood or Bollywood, I was excited… where else would I get to list those dialogues that I end up using in my vocab or like a lot? But that tag was a contest and I am not interested to participate in it and besides I think its over. So, I would be breaking

I love my city and normally I would be singing praises of my city and tell you how AWESOME it is. I would be telling you that, I think Hyderabad is one of the best cities in India. I would be saying that, we have a perfect balance between tradition and modernity. I would be talking about all great historic marvels like Charminar, Golconda Fort, Mecca Musjid, Falaknuma Palace and Salar Jung Museum etc. I would talking about it being the hub of Information Technology and also add how it is ahead of whole country when it comes to Biotechnology

I have a Valentines Day tradition. Every Valentines day I sit in front of my Television, with a bag of chips and candy and watch romantic movies. Yesterday anyways, I broke this tradition. I went out with my Dad and cousin to an exhibition. We spent the whole evening shopping and then getting my pencil sketch done. The sketch I think was a big mistake as he screwed it up completely and ended up making me look fat and ugly. Anyways, before this I had half written a post on ‘My 10 favorite romantic movies of all time’. I thought

This is a guest post by my friend Shreya.

Plot –

Abby (Katherine Heigl) is a morning show TV producer who is an independent women and unlucky in love searching for her dream man. Mike (Gerard Butler) is a crude host of a television show called ‘The Ugly Truth’. One night Abby calls Mike and they have an argument. That’s where the love hate relationship starts. The next morning Abby realizes that Mike has been asked to host a segment on her show to over come its poor ratings. She tries to get him out but doesn’t succeed, so

Finally, I got myself to watch the movie. I read the book long ago and I was sure that the movie would not do justice the book like i usually am. But boy! was I  in for a surprise. I liked the movie and I can’t say if it did justice to the book or not as I completely forgot about the book while watching the movie. It was just THAT different and it completely worked.

The story Ofcourse is of Holly and Gerry. They fall in love while they are in their college and get married against the wishes

I and my friend both are hardcore John Abraham’s fans. So, it’s a no brainer that when I said movie yesterday I meant ‘New York’. But we being us, we took forever to get ready and get started and as always ended up being late with no tickets available. She was so disheartened, she wanted to go home and sulk. I, on the other hand wanted to watch ‘Angels and Demons’ as I was the only one who hadn’t seen it yet. So, I forced her to buy 2 tickets in the last but one row (as a result, I