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Save Our Tigers

The day Aircel started ‘Save our Tigers’ campaign, I was game for it. Tigers are my second most favorite animals  after all (1st being dogs). That very same day,  I logged on to the website and joined the roar. The next few days I spent nagging, requesting, pleading, demanding my friends to do it. People who know me very well and how strongly I felt about this whole  issue (even before this campaign started) dint say anything and just joined it or said that they did.

Others who hardly knew me were asking me questions. And I think I

Happy Diwali!!

I know this post is kinda late… but hey, Diwali is not yet over, so officially I am in time :D. This post is going to be a pretty short one as I am just home (you guessed it right, I entered the home and 1st thing I am doing is blogging) from my Aunt’s place and I am tired, happy and tummy full.

The day began with Puja of Goddess Lakshmi and then moved on to peat-Puja. My Aunt is a great cook. She made my Favorite Gojju Pulihora in other words Tamarind Rice and it tasted so yum.

I love rain… I the love smell of soil when it rains; I love the rain drops moving down my skin tickling me on their way. I love the whole feel of rains but not today. I was singing and praying –

‘Rain, rain go away,

Come again another day,

Harini wants to go out,

Rain, rain go away’.

I even tried to bribe rain God saying – “I will go and break a coconut in the temple tomorrow, if it stops raining”. As usual, me being the God’s favorite child, it rained harder. It rained until all my plans