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What is Love?

Love is when you feel a gush of happiness waking up next to them,

Love is when you will do anything to make them smile,

Love is when their hug comforts you more than a thousand words,

Love is when lying next to them is the best part of your day,

Love is when your home is not a place but a person,

Love is when you no longer say the words ‘I Love You’ but feel it with every touch.

Love is when you pen mushy poems like this for them.

Love it.. Share it..…

In your arms…

Wrap your hands around me,

Hold me tight,

Never let me go,

Cause that’s where I belong,

That’s where I fit with perfection.

Let me stay there,

And lose myself,

Nothing seems to touch me,

They are like shield from misery,

They are my happy place.




Let me hear your heart beats,

I am an addict to them,

They calm me like a drug,

They sing to me,

A song that’s mine, just mine.

When in your arms,

I know we belong together,

So wrap your hands around me,

Cause that’s when I know,

‘This is forever’.