Red Carpet Archive

I credit Oscars for piking my interest in my Red Carpet events. It was when Leonardo DiCaprio was nominated for Best Actor award for Blood Diamond that I sat down to watch the entire show in hopes to see Leonardo DiCaprio win. While that didn’t happen I fell in love with the gowns that Penelope Cruz and Beyonce donned and rest as they say is history.

This time too I woke up early in the morning to catch the event, though I missed the red carpet this time Leonardo DiCaprio winning made my day.

Coming to the Red Carpet I …

This post has been in my drafts for a very long time now. I supposed to post this one 3 days after my movie post but something or another kept happening and I just couldn’t find time. Finally when I did, I fell sick and my doctor gave me much strong sedatives that I have been sleeping like a log for the past few days. That’s the reason I haven’t been around the blog world. I promise to catch up as soon as I can.

Coming to the actual post now. Here are the dresses that have caught my attention …

I just love the award nights. I love how the celebrities are all dressed up putting their best smile forward, walking on the red carpet, posing for the cameras, showing off few of the best (sometimes worst) designed dresses. And yesterday was the ‘Mother of all awards – The Academy Awards’, so how could I miss it? So, like every year this year too I woke up early to catch the show and I loved it. I loved few dance performances, Neil Patrick Harris opening performance was amazing (I love this guy) and finally and most importantly I loved few