I have always loved going on vacations, be it those vacations where all I did was relax and enjoyed the beauty in leisure or those, where I was running with time to soak up the place in as little time as possible.

Infact, when I was a kid I so wanted to travel around the world that I decided to marry Jeff Corwin. Jeff Corwin why you ask? Well, its simple, he traveled around the world to shoot his program and also he loved animals. But as I grew up, I realized how stupid that idea (and also he is married) was and decided to get married to some celebrity who has lots of money to take me any where I want. Later I realized even this idea would flop. My new plan is that I will earn money all by myself to enjoy those vacations that I crave for.

Anyways, when I was going through the old dairy of mine, I came across the list of places I want to visit. I know, it’s nearly impossible to strike off all the places but I hope I can get atleast a few off my list. And here is my list –

Taj Mahal


Golden Temple

Nagarjun Sagar Dam (Been there when I was kid (I think) but hardly remember anything)


Kolkata (during the Durga Maa Pooja)

Mumbai (I have been there before but want to go again and this time during monsoon season)



Corbett National Park

Ajanta and Ellora Caves





Los Angels

Las Vegas

Hong Kong






Napa Valley

South Africa – Cape Town

African Safari

New York

San Francisco


South Island

Great Barrie Reef

Bora Bora

The Grand Canyon

Great Wall of China

Sri Lanka



Rio de Janeiro



Machu Picchu

Victoria Falls

Niagara Falls

(all pics from weheartit.com)

What places do you guys have on must visit list?

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  1. just tempted me with every bit of yur post! 🙁 !! at least glad hav been to paris and london !!! hope yu get yur dreams come true

  2. May all your travel dreams come true 😛
    Loved the fantastic pictures 😀 😀
    Pack your bags girl and get going 😀 😀

  3. Hmm nice list there 🙂 Done most of the place from your list in the country like Delhi,Mumbai,Nainital,Ajanta-Ellora,Rajasthan,Corbett National…

    Impressive list of to-travel abroad 🙂 Me likey !

    P.S. You can check my travelogues at http://trotalong.wordpress.com/

  4. Wow! Guess you should go for a world tour! 😀
    In fact, I would love the same. 🙂

    Must visit : Kashmir and Venice. 🙂

  5. My list has the Amazon forests, Egypt, Greece, Spain, Italy, the Mediterrenean, Antartica, the complete Himalayas among the few. But I am not that much a city-traveller person though I, too, have my favourites.
    Great post, Harini! 🙂

  6. If you keep on it, I am sure you will be able to visit all these places :-).

    I always wanted to go to London – there is something about the city that attracts me a lot :-).

  7. Almost all that’s in your list! 🙂 actualy i want to visit each and every famous place in this world! But i really dunno wen all this will happen 🙂

  8. Chaala inkemina unnaaya.

    Maa intiki kuda raavochu kada Haru

  9. I am inspired!! I am going to make a similar list!! 🙂
    May you visit and savor all these places soon!!
    Cheers 🙂

  10. hehe good plan! earn enough and do all the traveling you always wanted to do

    amazing pictures, lovely places.. heaven on earth

    i haven’t traveled much…but i want to too….to all the beautiful places that you mentioned. i love beaches, i love mountains, and i love shopping destinations…

    provided the company is FUN

  11. wooaaaa thats a hugeeee list 😀
    well hope you will visit most of them 😀
    I so want to visit the Taj… 🙂

  12. Take me with you??

    Btw, beautiful pictures!

  13. Wohow! Nice long list you have! Happy traveling! 🙂
    Nice idea for a post btw, will copy this soon! 😛

  14. Well I wish your wish comes true, though its a big list :)….I too would love to cover a lot of places from your list but my top slot goes to Venice!! Take Care

  15. Nice list..u have pratically covered all places on mine too..!

    BTW Mumbai in the rains?? Not a good idea unless u are planning to live somewhere close to the sea or near Marine drive..coz thatz where itz really beautiful when it rains. For ppl who have lived here for ages, trudging to work or trying to get anywhere in the deadly traffic that accompanies the rains, kills any ideas of romance that the city invokes (I spk frm experience :P)

    But yes, Mumbai is bful and the place I call home 🙂

    • I have been to Mumbai in summer and oh my god, i was dehydrating. SO decided monsoon would be a better time to enjoy the sea. Yeah, i know about jams and all. My friends complain endlessly about those but still 😛

  16. Wishing you all the best in your dreams coming true…

    all places are worth a visit… 😀

    Mine is Kashmir as of now 🙂

  17. dont forget to take me along wherever you go

  18. Hey! I just did a lovely tag and would like to pass it on to you. 🙂

    Visit: http://lavender-woman.blogspot.com/2010/07/just-talks-about-me-tag.html

  19. I have been to places on your list

    All of southern India
    Los Angeles
    Las Vegas
    Hong Kong
    Napa Valley
    New York
    San Francisco
    The GC
    Niagara Falls

    In addition to others in your list I want to go to

    Hopefully soon. I love traveling! 🙂

    And and hope all your wishes come true and you strike off as many places as possible on this list 🙂

  20. Pretty impressive and comprehensive list… Start visiting one at a time. Journey of 1000 miles start with 1 step and world tour can be completed one place at a time…

    All the best

  21. I have covered many in your list 🙂 But I have a list of mine and hopefully someday I will be able to complete them. Here is my list girl:

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